New Novel 'Cassandra Chanting' Penned by an Anonymous Voting-World Insider Shows How Our 2008 U.S. Presidential Election Can be Stolen

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"Cassandra Chanting" ( was written undercover by an anonymous voting-world insider. This new book dramaticallly and powerfully shows how several United States voting systems can be hacked to throw an election including the upcoming Presidential election.

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There are so many ways to do chicanery. And I fear that it is very likely there will be more fraud in 2008--unless the public, legislators and local and state election officials take action very soon. I fear and believe that the fix could already be in.

"Cassandra Chanting"( election insider's nightmare, is a dramatic, frightening and enlightening fictional account of a plot to steal the 2008 U.S. presidential election, based on the experiences of an anonymous author who is a bona fide insider in the electoral process. The fast-paced story reveals several ways that voting machine company software engineers can corrupt voting computers, change election results before they are reported, reverse touch-screen votes and avoid detection by paper trails.

University of Chicago Business School professor and professional political-risk consultant Marvin Zonis warns, "Embedded in this spellbinder of a novel is a startling and convincing message about the vulnerability of the voting systems the U.S. is now adopting. The author clearly understands the new systems and shows how they could be 'fixed' to produce a winner different from the popular vote--subverting the legitimacy of our political system."

Long-time election-integrity activist Ellen Theisen of declares, "What I loved most about the book is that the author managed to put into novel form the Alice-In-Wonderland world that many of us have been living in for the past (eight) years. This is a well-presented and readable integration of many of the complex, interwoven forces that enable, support and foster the disease that presently besets our election system. "Cassandra Chanting" reveals the enormous control voting systems companies now have over elections, the inequities and dangers inherent in voting system testing and certification, the political roadblocks that frustrate the efforts of informed citizens to do the right thing, the obstinately ostrich-like response of many big-wig election officials when confronted with potential election equipment problems and the rampant indifference to the uselessness of the untrustworthy 'paper trails' used with touch-screen voting computers, and inaccurate and easily hacked fill-in-the-circle-type systems."

The anonymous author explains, "As an election insider, I am keenly aware of the vulnerabilities in the very pillar of our democratic system: the counting of votes. And I'm deeply troubled by the lack of action to ward off these vulnerabilities. My hope is that a detailed, fictionalized and exciting account could mobilize Americans to demand that authorities take action."

This new political novel reveals how warnings by experts are going unheeded and leaving Americans dangerously exposed, just as warnings by the mythological Cassandra were ignored, resulting in the destruction of ancient Troy.

"Vote suppression is a big danger," the author explains. "There are so many ways to do chicanery. And I fear that it is very likely there will be more fraud in 2008--unless the public, legislators and local and state election officials take action very soon. I fear and believe that the fix could already be in."

In one surprising detail, "Cassandra Chanting" explains that although most people believe that optical scan hand-marked ballots are un-hackable, that is simply not true. "Optical scan marks are ambiguous, unless you have completely filled in the oval," he reveals. "Since there are at least ten times as many optical scan machines in use in the U.S. than DREs [Direct Recording Electronic voting machines], you can significantly alter the vote count by programming such machines to record all cases where the oval is not completely filled as a vote for an evildoer's favored candidate."

About the anonymous author:
The author, who insists on anonymity, has been involved in the election world for some years. He (or she) has come into contact with computer scientists and public officials who have suggested numerous ways to miscount votes. He has worked with people inside and outside of government to solve the problems that so many understand truly exist. He has sought to mobilize Congress to act--to no avail.

About Cassandra Chanting:
ISBN-10: 1434353230; ISBN-13: 978-1434353238
256 pages; suggested retail: (hardcover) $22.65, (paperback) $11.70
Available at,, and major bookstore chains.


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