Event Innovation Announces InForum, 'The World's First Attendee Relationship Management System,' This Weekend, July 25-28, at IAAM in Anaheim, CA

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New Product Provides Entertainment Venues with Real-Time Attendee Data to Facilitate Attendee Relationships and Improve Communication with Customers

InForum, however, will change all that.

Imagine operating a sports arena, a concert hall or a performing arts theater where you knew every single guest who attends your events by name. What if you knew every guest's likes and dislikes, personal buying habits and preferences for concessions and souvenir retail items? What if you could build relationships with each individual to better promote similar events or provide increased conveniences?

Thanks to a new product being announced this weekend, entertainment venues nationwide will soon discover information about not only the individual who purchases the tickets, but also an understanding of who ultimately uses the tickets, their in-venue purchasing habits, their event preferences and much more.

Enter InForum, a new web-based product created by Event Innovation , a Washington, D.C. based enterprise Software Company. InForum is the world's first Attendee Relationship Management System for stadiums, concert halls and performing arts theatres, and is unlike anything that has been introduced to sports and entertainment venues before.

"Venue managers and event promoters have very little, if any, insight into who their actual customers are," said Stephen Gilfus, Event Innovation Chairman and CEO. "We know that tickets are constantly purchased in large groups with only one person handling the process; so at the end of the day, the venue has difficulty identifying their real customer and often has little, if any, information about them.

"InForum, however, will change all that."

Event Innovation, launched earlier this month by Stephen Gilfus, a founder of educational technology giant Blackboard Inc.(NASDAQ:BBBB) and Ron Dinwiddie, a former senior executive of Blackboard, will officially unveil InForum at Booth 973 at the International Association of Assembly Managers (IAAM) Conference and Trade Show, this weekend, July 25-28, at the Anaheim (CA) Convention Center.

"A major point about InForum is that it's not just about identifying an individual, although quite frankly that's a huge step forward. Rather, it's about getting to know them, understanding their preferences and building strong relationships to enhance the event experience," said President and COO Ron Dinwiddie. "Attendee Relationship Management is all about providing venues with capabilities that allow them to identify customers and then communicate and interact more successfully by providing comprehensive data about each individual."

Giving strength to InForum's attendee relationship management capabilities is its ability to integrate into a venue's current infrastructure, connecting directly into required points of access and points of sale. By introducing paperless ticketing and creating a cashless environment within the venue, InForum can provide venue managers and event promoters with unsurpassed analytics and reporting, a concept Event Innovation calls Attendee IntelligenceTM.

As a result, InForum can be used to identify and select potential attendees for promoting events, enhancing ticket sales, targeting venue-specific promotions and providing targeted event updates. In addition, venues can create awareness to customers for specialized and highly-personalized promotions for in-venue food service and merchandise vendors. Since InForum enables cashless environments, venues will enjoy the benefits of higher transactional sales … as studies have proven - definitively - that debit card transactions are traditionally 18 percent higher than cash purchases.

Event Innovation has built strong relationships with some of the industry's largest point of sale providers and device manufacturers to enable seamless transitions to cashless environments and paperless ticketing. By eliminating the need for paper tickets, venues can reduce ticket printing and distribution costs. The company is already in discussions with some of the world's leading ticketing technology companies and looks forward to partnering with third-party ticket broker companies.

See Event Innovation and InForum, at Booth 973, THIS WEEKEND, JULY 25-28, AT IAAM, In ANAHEIM, CA


Event Innovation is an innovative new company founded in 2007, by Stephen Gilfus and Ron Dinwiddie, formally of Blackboard, Inc. and designed to revolutionize and enhance event experiences for attendees and venues alike. The company is a leading provider of software applications and related services to the sports, performing arts and entertainment industries; by connecting entertainment venues to attendees, and enabling new communication capabilities that can enhance event experiences. Event Innovation is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with offices throughout the US, Europe, and Australia.

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