Weight Loss Leader, Laura Fenamore, Adds a New Course to her Repertoire and Becomes Rebel with a Cause: 'Diet Guru's Feed People a Big Fat Lie'

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Weight loss leader who lost 100 pounds 20 years ago makes enemies in the diet and exercise industry, saying, "The billion-dollar weight loss industry is lining their pockets on your fat rear end. Diet and Exercise Guru's Feed People a Big Fat Lie." She adds a new course to her repertoire combatting obesity and eating disorders in a vastly different way.

There is nothing that makes me happier than watching people's lives transform!

Body Image Master Mentor, Laura Fenamore, has added a new course to her repertoire against obesity and eating disorders while continuing to buck the system all around her.

Diet and exercise absolutely do not provide the keys to permanent weight loss. This is the message that rogue mentor and public speaker, Laura Fenamore (http://www.LauraFenamore.com), is saying every chance she gets (and she's not making friends in the weight loss industry, believe me). Fenamore calls herself a Body Image Master Mentor, and has earned that title. After losing 100 pounds, Fenamore has devoted her life to helping others leave crippling eating disorders behind. It isn't some Dr. Doolittle voodoo, it turns out that Fenamore has developed a new twist on an old problem. I asked her recently, "What does a Body Image Master Mentor do differently?" Unlike most motivational diet doctors and exercise experts, she didn't launch into some rehearsed 30-second elevator bit. Instead, she thoughtfully said the following:

"Discovering and achieving permanent weight loss isn't a joke. People die every day from the complications of obesity and eating disorders - not to mention the hell it is to live with those conditions. Believe me, I know. I founded Body Image Mastery (http://www.LauraFenamore.com) to help others transform their bodies from the inside out. Hating ourselves and our bodies really isn't working, and the billion-dollar weight loss industry is simply lining their pockets based on a lie."

Fenamore continued, "Permanent weight loss is 100% possible, but it must be an 'inside' job."

Through her workshops and seminars, she has helped thousands of people make positive changes in their lives and begin to end obesity, yo-yo dieting, bulimia, eating disorders and food addictions.

Fenamore's core message is that anyone can get the body they want, but only while loving the body they're in. The philosophy that self-hatred is not an ingredient for weight loss is revolutionary in today's world of quick fixes. Her very affordable programs share techniques for permanent weight loss with just a handful of people at a time, and participation is by interview only. Her next program "Loving What You See in the Mirror (Crucial Components to Permanent Weight Loss)" begins August 4th and will run for twelve weeks. The course seems to take a different angle, and like the recent Dove campaign, embrace self-care and self-love - providing the attendees with a groundswell of power, passion and purpose (and little reason to overeat).

Fenamore has been a passionate advocate for personal development for many years. She is a body esteem expert, successful entrepreneur, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and sought-after public speaker. She supports people to design joyous lives that grab the elusive golden ring.

"There is nothing that makes me happier than watching people's lives transform!" ~Laura Fenamore


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