Search Engine Optimization Company Stays Quiet in Hometown

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Adviatech Corp., stays quiet in their hometown of Tampa Florida as they announce the opening of a London office. The international presence is part of their global marketing plan.

In a business park in Tampa Florida resides a guaranteed search engine optimization company gaining increased market share this year. While they do have signage in the office park registry, locals won't see any billboards, park benches, or newspaper ads in Tampa Florida for this SEO firm.

As someone approaches the front door which displays the appropriate suite number, they might think twice about whether or not they have the right address. The windows are darkly tinted and can't be seen through. After standing there for a moment, the door will unlock and someone will be there to greet the visitor asking them to step in.

The walls are painted with calming Tuscany style coloring accented by dark wood framed art and a large antique style desk in the front office. Upon being asked to step into another office behind the second tinted glass window, visitors will be in another richly accented office sitting on a comfortable imported leather couch. Behind that desk sits Adviatech's young Vice President, Jason Bland.

Bland, who worked side by side with Chris Kazor (President of American Marketing Management and Motivation Services, Inc.) to form Adviatech Corp., just four fiscal years ago, prefers Adviatech getting little attention, glamour, and notoriety in Tampa Florida in exchange for spending more time at his desk bringing in national clients.

Bland explains, "I don't disregard the value of our local business community, in fact, we spend a lot of money each year hosting seminars in downtown Tampa and sponsoring events that attract our relevant market. However, we don't have an active marketing strategy for our local market, you won't see Adviatech representatives at business events and trade shows in the area because our market is national."

Adviatech's business style would clash with many of today's "tech" oriented companies. Business attire in the office is generally Florida casual (on days when no meetings are happening in the office). However, when it comes to out of office meetings, professional business attire (not business casual) is mandated.

"What we are doing is very serious. Our core product is search engine optimization, getting web sites to rank higher on Google for relevant terms using ethical, content based solutions for on site relevancy as well as link building." Bland continues, "We give a money back guarantee to our approved clients that we'll get them to page one. That means, we're in this with our clients. We're sharing the risk. Therefore, our local and national clients need to know they are working with a solid professional company."

Adviatech's guaranteed search engine optimization plans are primarily made for small to mid sized companies, law firms, and insurance agency's. With Adviatech's realistic, no hype, sales strategy, they guarantee the page one ranking based on their experience, keyphrase competitiveness, and openly admitting that it is a budgeted, calculated risk. They openly discredit SEO firms that say they have a "special relationship with Google" or know of "secret methods".

Bland smiled as he explained, "My favorite question to answer is 'what sort of secret tags are you going to be putting in our web site?'. I always reply with, you are paying us for our knowledge, expertise, the guaranteed consistency of our writers, editors, content submission team, and the support I'll be providing personally most of the time. If you have any questions about what we're doing, simply look at your contract as we clearly outline each aspect of search engine optimization."

Adviatech's viewpoint of the world being their local market has motivated them to start planning a United Kingdom presence to launch this year. They believe countries using the Euro or Pound are wise to outsource to a United States based search engine optimization company because of the cost savings due to the depreciating U.S. dollar.

A mixture of traditional professionalism, a new age global market mindset, and a realistic sales strategy has allowed Adviatech to complete four fiscal years, three of which (including the most recent) profitable.

Adviatech Vice President, Jason Bland, carries most of the responsibilities of Adviatech as business partner, Chris Kazor, builds Nusurance Corp., a two year old insurance agency with a business model built around today's internet based insurance clientele.

To keep the businesses on track and develop new strategies for growth, Jason Bland will emerge from the Adviatech office, and Chris Kazor from his Nusurance office, a few times a week to meet in the office park's court yard to enjoy Florida's weather and a Tampa tradition, a hand rolled cigar from Ybor City.

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