JBNI's 100 Percent Herbal Bioprin Formula Demonstrates High Anti-cancer Tumor Efficacy at Dana Farber Cancer Institute / Harvard Medical School

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Dana Farber Cancer Institute / Harvard Medical School report shows that the anti-tumor efficacy of Bioprin exceeds selected chemotherapeutic agents. The DFCI/HMS report further states that Bioprin's formula is comparable to the effectiveness of radiation therapy. Most surprising is the all-herbal 100% natural formula's (originally intended for relaxation and comfort) TGD score when used in addition to chemo and radio therapies.

The following press release is provided to Cancer researchers only and is to be used only as data for scientific research purposes.

JBNI today released a Dana-Farber Cancer Institute / Harvard Medical School (DFCI/HMS) anti-tumor activity report regarding Formula 15.3 (Bioprin) by Dr. Beverly A. Teicher's and her team. The report entitled, "Efficacy of orally administered herb preparations against the EMT-6/Parent Tumor," clinically documents the effect of JBNI's all-herbal formula on the "equivalent to human metastatic breast cancer." The report illustrates the potential of naturally occurring herbs for use in clinical / medical applications.

In the summary by Dr. Marianne Spada, Ph.D., the doctor notes that, "JJ-15.3 shows at the dose of 500mg/kg a TGD of 4.15 plus or minus 0.53, which is much more potent than (common chemotherapeutic agents) Melpahlan (2.3tgd) or Carmustine (2.5tgd), and comparable to radiotherapy or Cysplatin in treatment of metastatic cancer." Dr. Spada goes on to project, "With higher dose and more frequency than current testing (14 days dose), we might observe much greater TGD than current result even with the current level of herbal concentration."

A full test result spread sheet was also just released. It is entitled, "Tumor growth delay of Herbal Mixture JJ-15.3 in the EMT-6 Murine Marrary Carcinoma at 500mm cubed." In it, the total anti-tumor effect when supporting x-ray radiation therapy (1 wk at 300 rads = 4.3tgd) with JBNI's Formula 15.3 is shown to be 5.15tgd plus or minus 0.61.

When asked about the aggressive nature of 15.3's effect on cancer cells and potential safety issues, JBNI Investor Relations Manager, Ken Case quoted Dr. Teicher's report saying, "Formula 15.3 has already been on the market as Bioprin for about 15 years as a relaxant and herbal formula for comfort and ease. It is totally herbal, pesticide free, and 100% natural. Besides, the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute / Harvard document clearly says,'There are no signs of toxicity with this herbal mixture.'"

Calling Formula 15.3 a, "remarkable compound," Dr. Teicher's report expresses a desire for further study, "to observe how related organs are responding to delay tumor growth so powerfully without any harm as we see in the current testing."

The DFCI/HMS report concludes, "Different stages of tumor, tumor preventive tests and other types of metastatic cencer should be further studied with this remarkable compound."

Inspite of the above findings on Bioprin's all natural formula that uses strictly pesticide free herbal ingredients, JBNI strictly advises against using Bioprin outside of the care of a Board Certified Physician. A JBNI PR representative, Azim Walli states, "anti-tumor efficacy, even under proven invivo conditions, cannot replace the expertise and experience of a trained cancer specialist's supervision of time tested FDA approved drugs."

Official copies of the DFCI/HMS document may be requested from JBNI Inc. located in the biotech community of Canyon Park, Wa.


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