Americans Are Using Home Hydroponics Gardening To Overcome The Rising Costs Of Energy, Food & Gas

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As a result of rising fuel costs, an increasing number of Americans are growing fresh, healthy fruits & vegetables at home in their very own hydroponics gardens.

You don't have to spend several dollars per gallon driving somewhere to buy your food. That's one big benefit

An increasing number of Americans are turning to home hydroponics gardening to offset high gasoline, petroleum, energy and food prices.

According to hydroponics industry leaders Michael Straumietis, Robert C. Higgins and Gino Yordanov, more and more Americans are growing their very own fresh fruit and vegetables to save money, time and transportation costs.

Straumietis, Higgins and Yordanov are founders of a Seattle-based hydroponics nutrients company called Advanced Nutrients ( The company manufactures and distributes a wide range of professional hydroponics products worldwide.

"Americans are sick and tired of paying high gas prices, driving to grocery stores, and paying high food prices too," Michael Straumietis explains. "They're tired of high energy prices. So they're turning to home-based farming, and it's paying off."

According to Advanced Nutrients co-founder Robert C. Higgins, Americans are finding out that hydroponics gardening combines with traditional gardening techniques to produce quality food at a fraction of the cost of buying it from grocery stores.

"You use hydroponics nutrients to pump up the yield, quality and taste of your home crops," he says. "You can grow year-round using outdoor gardens in warmer weather and indoor gardening during winter. That way, you've got a supply of fresh fruits and vegetables 365 days a year. You've also got a fun hobby that the whole family can engage in."

Advanced Nutrients founder Gino Yordanov says the cost of producing vegetables, fruits, and herbs at home is far less than the cost of buying them from commercial producers.

"You don't have to spend several dollars per gallon driving somewhere to buy your food. That's one big benefit," Yordanov explains. "You get total control over the quality of what you eat, because you grow it yourself. You get a higher yield than with regular gardening. And it's a form of self-sufficiency."

Michael Straumietis, Robert C. Higgins and Gino Yordanov are united in their commitment to helping Americans save money on gas, energy, and food prices.

"You're going to see more and more Americans turning to home gardening as a survival tool," Straumietis emphasizes. "Prices for petroleum, food, gasoline and energy are going way up and they'll keep going up. Pretty soon, it's going to be a matter of necessity that you have your own garden so you can ensure a continuous supply of healthy fruits and vegetables for your family."

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