First Anniversary for Aromatherapy Essentials

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Scent experts complete a full year of business, planning for their sophomore year and looking back on a successful entrance into the online community.

I have a great personal interest in the product

Aromatherapy Essentials turns one year old this month, having successfully navigated the Internet concourse during their freshman year and come through a stronger, more successful enterprise. Their strong sense of purpose and dedication to their product have served them well, and promises to guide them into a second successful chapter in their development.

"The business has been a challenge for me -- it's a learning curve," says owner and operator Kim Howson. "I like to learn new skills, and while it's occasionally a little frustrating, it has definitely put me in contact with some wonderful people and has helped me grow as a businessperson. I had been looking for a way to have a business I could manage from anywhere, and this opportunity presented itself; after that, it was only a matter of putting in the time and effort."

For Kim, the choice of products was an easy one. Having begun her education in aromatherapy essential oils several years ago, she has been able to take an informed view of her products and has found her legitimate interest in the matter to be a strong driving force in her business. "I have a great personal interest in the product," she admits. "One of the nice things is that my supplier is in the next town from me; to me, that's a true advantage because I can physically go there and find out about anything I need to know, or to correct any problems that spring up. The products I carry are all Karooch essential oils, which I feel are a very good product -- I use them myself, so I'm not selling something that I just chose out of a hat. It's a product that I have faith in, and that I personally know the benefits of."

Kim has also opened an informational blog about essential oils at, where she can communicate with customers and those seeking advice on the subject. "Because of the blog and the business itself, I find I'm learning more and more about essential oils," she explains, discussing the learning process on both sides. "It's a very healthy product, and it's very versatile in its uses. I'm discovering new uses every day -- it's very exciting."

She jests, "I'm using my blog to force myself to do more research."

It is Kim's hope that she can assist in informing her customers about aromatherapy, including the uses of essential oils, their origins, and the important facts about the materials involved. "A lot of people I've spoken with don't know much about essential oils," she explains. "They don't know how to use them or what diffusers are. Homeopathic medicine has a lot of different applications, but you don't have to use it for a specific reason; you can just use it to freshen up a room. Essential oils affect our limbic system, so they can make you feel refreshed or relaxed, they can make a room smell good, and they can make you feel good. This is all far beyond a plug-in air freshener, because these are natural oils. As I learn more, I can pass on more of that knowledge; it's a great thing to learn for yourself, but it's a wonderful thing to pass on that information to others."

Aromatherapy Essentials plans on expanding its product line in the coming year, as well as forming interest groups and discussions through its new blog. She encourages visitors to browse as well as visiting her blog at, and welcomes questions and comments.


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