Can a Computer Travel Back in Time? Multilabs Believes it Can

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Returning to the fundamentals of computers and computer programming Multilabs releases the Retro computer system. With its built-in BASIC language interpreter and minimal operating system the 8-bit microcomputer has been reborn into today's world.

Retro combines software and hardware disciplines together

Multilabs has just released its latest product, a computer called "Retro". It certainly isn't a computer as they are known today. But instead, as its name suggests, Retro is a throw-back to the early days of computing, a BASIC language computer. "I miss being able to turn on a computer, have it boot in about 1 second, and then start writing programs", says Don Bartley the owner or Multilabs. "It was also nice having direct control over the system before complex operating systems took over." From this, Retro was born. Retro brings back the earlier days of computing. A computer with a built-in BASIC language interpreter, commands to give the user direct control over the system, no complex operating system to get in the users way, and even an expansion port that allows users to connect their own equipment to it and write programs to control them.

"It may seem a bit simplistic in today's world but Retro has many uses and applications", says Don, "There is something for everybody, beginners to experts alike." Retro offers an environment that is not overwhelming and is user friendly that a beginner can learn computer programming on. More seasoned programmers will enjoy the direct control over the system without a complex operating system getting in the way. "Besides programming, Retro offers its expansion port", says Don, "With the expansion port any user can connect their own devices and equipment to Retro and program Retro to control them." "Retro combines software and hardware disciplines together", Don adds. The expansion port goes beyond this use and can be used in commercial and industrial applications as well. With the expansion port Retro can control external equipment such as relays, motors, solenoids, and other industrial equipment. What's more is that the expansion port is 2-way so it can also read data from temperature and position sensors for example. With this level of control Retro is not for just for the home user but has a wide array of applications.

Retro's other connectors are for a PS/2 style keyboard, digital joystick, asynchronous serial communications, sound, and a VGA monitor. Retro comes with built-in non-volatile memory storage for user programs so programs can be stored for later use. It also sports an expansion socket so users can add-on program storage and even transfer programs between Retro computers. At a starting price that doesn't 'break the bank' Retro is affordable to a wide array of users. "Whether for personal or professional use Retro is affordable, easy to use, and above all enjoyable", says Don. Can a computer travel back in time? Yes it can.

About Multilabs:
Multilabs is a Northern Nevada company that specializes in embedded and computer systems design and support. Its wide array of products ranges from simple keyboard and mice interfaces to whole computer systems. Founded in 2004 Multilabs continues to improve it product line and offerings to an ever increasing user base.

Donald J. Bartley, Owner
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