Reincarnation Novel Explores Life's Multiple Possibilities

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The meaning of life has long perplexed humanity. We wonder where we came from and whether life exists after death. In "Honeycomb," Israel del Rio explores the possibility that we can choose the lives we are given.

Many questions exist about the nature of good and evil. Karma is the belief that our kind acts and evil deeds follow us into our next life. But one man is allowed to choose his next life in Israel del Rio's thought-provoking and inspiring "Honeycomb" (ISBN 9781434809544, CreateSpace 2008).

Having committed a redeeming act in a former life, a man is granted the gift to choose his next life by a spirit guide. From thousands of scrolls, he is asked to choose only five. Each scroll represents a life, and the man is allowed to view scenes from each. He must decide which life will be the best fit for him. He comes to realize each life is linked to the other four, just as in a honeycomb each section is connected to another, and at the same time, honey (love) is life's abundance.

Each life the man views is different from the others, yet still connected. He receives glimpses into the lives of a materialistic rich man; an elderly Native American man who is preparing to die; a desperate man who has lost everything including his wife and is about to lose his daughter; a beautiful woman who is finding herself; and a software programmer who must discover the importance of his family.

As the main character tries to make his decision, readers will ask themselves whether they would choose happiness over wealth or whether a life of challenges would be more fulfilling and joyful than a simplistic life. Author Israel del Rio thoroughly researched reincarnation theories and religious dogma as well as reported incidents of reincarnation experiences. "Honeycomb" is well conceived in its exploration of life's complexities, reasons for reincarnating, how the aggregate of human souls continually evolves, and ultimately because those souls compose God, how God evolves.

"Honeycomb" is an enjoyable read for its storyline alone, but readers looking for deeper meanings will be delighted by the nuances and similarities between the characters' interconnecting paths. Each person's life is seen clearly as if the reader were residing in that person's very shoes and mind. Readers feel the value of each human experience and the virtue of treating one another with respect and compassion. "Honeycomb" is a sweet blessing in enlightenment, and a gift of knowledge for any reader who seeks the bigger picture of life's purpose.

About the Author
In this life, Israel del Rio was born in Mexico City. He has worked most of his life as a software engineer. However, he has always enjoyed writing, and since his formative years, he would scribble poems and short stories on napkins. Today, he lives in Georgia with his wife, Rita, and sons, Derek and Alex. His daughter, Tania, pens the Sabrina the Teenage Witch comic series. "Honeycomb" is del Rio's third novel.

"Honeycomb" (ISBN 9781434809544, CreateSpace 2008) can be purchased through local and online bookstores. For more information, visit Publicity contact: Review copies available upon request.


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