New Product: Weber Denture Liner Kit Solves Loose Denture Problem Makes All Dentures Fit Better So Wearers Can Eat Better And Smile More

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Summary: Due to usual shrinkage of gums after natural teeth are removed, denture wearers almost always have the problem of wearing loose, uncomfortable false teeth. This new product provides them with an easy to use method of solving this problem at very low cost. Weber Denture Liner Kit helps all false teeth wearers eat in comfort and smile more. (Patent Pending)

Terry Weber of Originals by Weber announces immediate availability of a brand new product: a loose denture liner kit (Patent Pending). The benefits of this kit are that a denture wearer (using uppers or lowers) can now wear dentures that are always comfortable, stable, and well supported with much better retention.

Dentists tell us that within a couple of months of extraction of natural teeth, gums and facial bones start a slow process of shrinkage that continues for years. This unavoidable shrinkage causes once tight fitting new dentures to gradually get loose and become quite uncomfortable to wear. Because of this constant discomfort many denture wearers find it necessary to "wear" their dentures in a shirt pocket until it is time to eat a meal, or have an extended conversation.

One way to correct these problems is to try to find a way to "fill the gaps" that are the result of the natural bone and gum shrinkage. A dentist can do this by making a new casting (mold) of the mouth, and then additional acrylic is professionally added to the top of the original denture. All of this is both time consuming and quite expensive and - because gum and bone shrinkage never stops - this costly re-lining process will need to be done again and again.

Weber's low cost solution to this problem is the new Weber Denture Liner Kit. It is designed to make the denture much more comfortable by giving it better support, greater stability and more positive retention in the user's mouth. This is possible because the Weber Liners are always soft, and no mixing is required. The Liners are always finger mold-able. Therefore, the problems once caused by gum shrinkage are easily overcome by the use of these low cost denture liners. Each kit contains four liners; adhesive powder ; and easy to follow instructions. Weber Liners are put in place on the top of the denture by the wearer - at home. One liner can be used for up to one month without replacement. All that is required to extend the use of the Liner is a daily rinse under running water.

When Weber was asked what his customers have to say about the new Weber Denture Liner Kit, he said: "Here are just five of many interesting testimonials I've had from my customers:"

(1) Prompt delivery of a great product that is well worth the price!                            
(2) Am very pleased, can spit further than ever and eat chicken bones again!
(3) Hi there Just got the denture liner. I can't tell you how thrilled I am. I have a bottom denture and for years I've tried every product under the sun and nothing works. I can't afford to keep getting a brand new plate, so your product was worth a try. I used it in seconds and it's the most comfortable I've ever been since having the plate fitted. I am going to order a couple more this morning. I am moving to Canada in January, please, please say you will deliver there as well. You have brightened up my world, just in an instant -
You certainly may use my comments and it's a privilege to have made your acquaintance. God bless you. Thanks so much again Lorraine ((UK)
(4) Was like it said, will buy again. Fast shipping.
(5) Excellent Product! Saved me $100's! I will be back for more! Highly recommended

Weber Denture Liner Kits are sold only by Weber and can be ordered directly from the following address: Originals by Weber, 338 Alabama Avenue, Toms River, NJ 08753. Phone: 877-309-8382 , Website: Price for the regular Weber Denture Liner Kit with 4 Liners (WDL-RK-4) is: $19.95 + $3.00 s/h Price for a trial size Weber Denture Liner Kit with 2 Liners (WDL-TK-2): is $13.95+$3.00 s/h. Satisfaction guaranteed or money back.


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