Attraction Marketing Is The Key For Small Business To Survive Recession

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With the likleyhood of a global recession extremly high many small business owners fear that they may not survive. Many smart business owners however are looking at developing and implementing more effective marketing systems. The most effective marketing system for Small Business, Home Based Business and Entrepreneurs is Attraction Marketing.

With the likelyhood a global recession hitting now extremely high many small business owners fear for their survival. Increasing cost of living mixed with declining consumer confidence spells trouble for small business owners many of whom have only know good economic times over the last 10 years or so.

So what is the key to not only surviving but thriving during a recession for small business owners?

Attraction Marketing expert Rod Moore of Profit Minute believes that now more than ever small business must focus on developing and implementing effective marketing systems. Most small business owners have on clue about marketing or how to attract clients. During prosperous economic times that is okay, however during recession effective marketing is critical Moore says.

The problem for small business owners is that they are typically very good at what it is they do in their business, but they lack the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively market what it is they do. The end result is that they are set to struggle during tougher economic times.

When asked what the solution is Rod Moore suggests that now is the time to be thinking about, developing and implementing the right marketing systems rather than wait until we are in the depths of recession when cash flow has dried up.

Moore says that the most effective marketing system he has come across is what he calls ATTRACTION MARKETING. This is a combination of Direct Response Marketing with an understaning of the psychology of what motivates your customers to buy. In effect it is about making your business more attractive than your competitors.

With attraction marketing you can literally attract a steady stream of new clients to your business already pre-sold on wanting to do business with you. This type of approach to marketing (which is very different from more traditional types of advertising and marketing) can be extremly powerful.

Those small business owners who embrace attraction markeing today will stand a much better chance of prospering during recession than their competitors will Moore said in a statement today.

Attraction Marketing is the most powerful way for small business to find new clients today as it is in tune with shifting consumer attitudes and the way in which people do business today. Outdated traditional forms of advertising and marketing simply get lost in the clutter and do little to create new clients.

If you are in small business, home based business or are an entrepreneur today then you would be wise to investigate how attraction marketing can greatly impact on your ability to find and attract new clients to you.

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