Santa Claus Slams Obama and McCain: Announces Candidacy for President

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A Christian Monk and children's advocate, whose legal name is Santa Claus, announces his candidacy for President of the United States

A Christian Monk and children's advocate, whose legal name is Santa Claus, repeatedly has taken Senators Obama and McCain to task, to no avail, for their continued failure to address children's issues. Consequently, Santa Claus has announced his candidacy for President of the United States.

Santa Claus emphasizes that Senators Obama and McCain's inability or unwillingness to address this legitimate national issue indicates that they fail to recognize that children are suffering in our great nation and that children are our future.

Santa Claus says he "Intends to garner the attention of the millions of adults who suffered as children the very same political indifference vulnerable children in dire circumstances suffer today." He is well aware there are millions of health care workers and public safety personnel who have observed, first hand, the suffering that more than 2 million children endure who are abused, neglected, exploited, abandoned, homeless, and institutionalized -- that's 1 out of 37 children.

Santa Claus appreciates that there are more than a million foster and adoptive parents and volunteers who have helped and continue to care for these children, and notes that the states are unable to adequately care for or provide for the health, welfare, and safety of these children without help from the federal government streamlining and coordinating the states' efforts.

As a volunteer children's advocate, Santa Claus visited every Governor's staff and many U.S. Senators' staffs throughout 2006 and 2007 and believes that it will not cost any more to implement the streamlining and processes he proposes than our nation already spends to address these children's vast unmet needs.

Santa Claus says he's running for President to help vulnerable children in dire circumstances, because no one else who cares is stepping up to the plate -- and, after all, "Who better than Santa Claus to advocate for children this way?"

Santa pledges to continue to advocate for children, no matter how his candidacy is viewed. He pledges to continue using his name and appearance as "effective tools" to help garner national attention to children's issues. Perhaps, most unusual is his pledge not to accept campaign contributions from anyone for his creative write-in candidacy for President---a kind of David versus Goliath stance.

Those who visit Santa's website,, will find his daily blogs, addressing a number of children's issues, and his videos. Santa emphasizes that his campaign will be unique, in that it will rely upon visitors and viewers to his website to spread the word to others that suffering children in our own country deserve serious and immediate attention--and that Santa is running for President to help them. Utilizing the web, alternative media networks, and word of mouth, Santa's campaign costs absolutely nothing.

Santa muses, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if enough folks visited, and shared my blogs and videos, to make it crystal clear to the other candidates and pundits that they no longer can ignore our children's plight and suffering." Santa Claus doesn't understand why "Obama and McCain would risk losing millions of votes in a tight election, simply because they refuse to address children's issues, all the while realizing there are additional millions of voters who've said they won't vote for either of them. Now, voters have an option worth considering."

For those who think Santa Claus might be "a bit off," Santa smiles and suggests they watch "Miracle on 34th Street," and is quick to remind them that, "Love is the greatest gift of all -- very child deserves to be nurtured, protected, and loved."

Video of Santa Claus is available at,, and


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