California Family Law Firm Offers 4 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Domestic Violence - Schuster Family Law Gives Practical Action Tips

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Domestic violence causes most battered women to live in a constant state of fear, falsely believing that they deserve what they get and that their husband or significant other will stop the abuse. The only way for abused women to truly stop the abuse is for them to take action. California family law attorney Dennis Schuster shares four action tips regarding stopping abuse and protecting women's legal rights, physical safety, psychological safety and their children's well-being.

Domestic violence causes most battered women to live in a constant state of fear, falsely believing that they deserve what they get and that their abuser will stop the abuse, according to a California family law firm. The only way for the abuse to stop is for them to take action.

"As an experienced family law attorney, I've seen the terrible consequences of domestic violence," said California family law attorney Dennis Schuster. "These battered women don't seek help fast enough. So here are four action tips they can take to stop the domestic violence and protect themselves and their children."

Tip #1: Protect your physical safety. The first thing for a battered woman and her children to do is to leave and go to a safe place. In California, there are many battered women's shelters where abused women and children can go, such as The House of Ruth. These places will give abused women and their children a warm place to stay, food to eat and safety from the abuser by prohibiting contact.

Tip #2: Protect your legal rights. As soon as possible, get the California courts involved. Through the court system, battered women can have restraining orders placed upon the abuser, order the abuser to participate in a 52-week batterer's program, and compel the abuser to turn in any unauthorized weapons.

Tip #3: Protect yourself psychologically. There's no question domestic violence causes physical wounds. However, it causes even deeper wounds psychologically. That's why it's important for a battered woman to seek help for her psychological well-being. The court system or the abused woman's shelter can help a battered woman find effective and affordable psychotherapy.

Tip #4: Protect your children. When a woman is abused, she's not the only one who's hurt. Her children suffer too; they suffer when they see their mother abused and they are in danger of believing that abuse is acceptable. There also exists the danger an abused woman's daughter will grow up and enter into abusive relationships and a danger her sons will become abusive themselves. The only way to protect these innocent children is to escape the domestic violence.

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