A Wallet Designed for Front Pockets

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These days people might be spending a lot of time thinking about the shape their wallets are in, but maybe not much time at all thinking about the shape of their wallets.

These days people might be spending a lot of time thinking about the shape their wallets are in, but maybe not much time at all thinking about the shape of their wallets.

That's OK because firstSTREET, a national online and marketing company headquartered near Richmond, Va., has put in a lot of hours on that subject -- and as it turns out, the shape of one's wallet can go a long way towards determining the shape its owner -- and the owner's back -- are in.

Who would have thought that carrying a fat wallet in a back trouser pocket could be the cause of backache, leg pain or even sciatica-like symptoms? Yet some chiropractors say that sitting on a fat wallet creates an unnatural twist of the spine that can bring the sacrum out of alignment -- in other words, cause varying levels of back pain. Sitting on a thick wallet can also encourage a person to sit at an angle or sometimes to raise one hip more than the other and twist the spine, also bringing discomfort.

That's why a wallet designed to fit the front pocket of trousers has become one of firstSTREET's best-selling items in the past year. The "Rogue Wallet" is a thin, flexible, flat wallet, shaped to neatly fit the front pocket in a pair of pants, so there's no bulkiness, no interference with the cut or the line of the trousers and, best of all, no discomfort or wallet-pocket sciatica.

The idea for the Rogue Wallet was born three years ago when Michael Lyons visited his chiropractor with severe lower back pain and got an unexpected diagnosis. "Lose your wallet," the chiropractor said. The doctor explained that sitting on a solid inch of plastic, leather and paper over the years had contributed to his patient's back problems.

Lyons was of course skeptical at first, but he took his chiropractor's advice, and after a week of sitting without a wallet in his back pocket, his lower back pain disappeared. But then Lyons had a new problem. He still needed a way to carry his license, paper money and business cards.
After checking out all the wallets available on the market, Lyons realized that the traditional rectangular or square-shaped wallets would not meet his need. He would have to come up with his own design, a design to fit the contour of the front pocket in a pair of pants, slacks, blue jeans, shorts, etc. The Rogue Wallet meets that need, and at the same time incorporates all the useful features of a regular wallet -- slits for credit cards, a window for a driver's license and a slot for bills.

Lyons' first customer was his chiropractor, who immediately ordered a large number of wallets to sell to his patients. Now the Rogue Wallet is available in a number of sizes and fabrics through firstSTREET, which, according to COO Chris Fawcett, offers it with an exclusive home trial.

"We invite our customers to try it for themselves, and if not completely satisfied for any reason, they can return it within 90 days for a full refund," says Fawcett. "But everybody loves this wallet -- you'd be amazed to see how many of the guys on our staff here carry one of these now."

Fawcett says that, since he got rid of his old thick wallet, he always notices a difference in comfort when sitting on a long flight or on a long car trip. "I even noticed the other day that I have a little dent in my car seat near the door where that fat wallet used to rest. Now that just can't have been good for my back, could it?"


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