Uthman Salaam: America's "Candidate" to Solve Health Care Battles for Americans

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Americans Now Have an Instant Answer to Health Cost Expenses via a New Jersey Entrepreneur

Election season 2008 gives America a couple of options regarding health care issues via Democratic and Republican platforms. But due to the introduction of a business model from New Jersey entrepreneur Uthman Salaam those options have expanded with affordable discounted medical packages geared toward helping to cover all Americans. "Instead of waiting for proposed ideas from Elected Officials I have an established business model (http://www.mybenefitsplus.com/40546403) that offers immediate answers to the rising health care issues that is crippling so many folks in this country," said the 32 year old Salaam.

Recent government reports show over 47 million uninsured Americans and most likely no end in sight based on six straight years of growth in that sector. "I had a friend who said that for most Americans right now it was like living on a lake in Minnesota in the middle of April regarding the health situation issue," said Salaam. "The foundation collapses below you and you are plunged into a terrifying situation if you do not have any form of medical coverage. With the arrival of a gorgeous child in February my life changed and so did my perspective on this critical issue ... those with the same concerns that I had will see those challenges are met with my Discounted Medical Program that offers access to dental, vision, chiropractic, pharmaceutical and medical providers who are in our system, offering needed services at very affordable rates. This business model has saved hundreds of millions of dollars in supplemental healthcare benefits and eliminates the hassles we all have experienced in trying to address answers regarding health concerns."

Salaam's business coverage offering for clients includes:

  • Dental Membership Package coverage for the entire family @ $19.95/month with savings of up to 65% on all restorative and cosmetic work
  • A Network provider base of up to 30,000 dentists, more than 12,000 vision care providers and 50,000 pharmacies as well as over 7,500 chiropractors
  • Complete coverage for Ongoing Medical Conditions
  • No waiting period to take advantage of the program
  • No deductibles
  • No paperwork required to fill out
  • No limits set on visits to Providers in the program

"This is a simple approach that works," said Salaam," as there are no turndowns regarding previous medical issues and I have a very large database of providers that offer expertise to help address issues that can provide financially to families. Folks in pain don't need the headache of dealing with administrative issues that so defines the Medical situation in this country right now ... and they won't as my program supplies instant relief and help at critical times."

The package offering of Medical Discounted Coverage has also opened a new venue for entrepreneurs looking to redefine their careers. "I mentioned to my lovely wife one night that I was the typical American in regards to following the educational setup in this country," said Salaam. "I graduated from Montclair State University in 2006 with a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Exercise Science and was fortunate to land employment with a corporate fitness company that allowed me to work at one of their client based Fitness Centers. I appreciated the opportunity but saw very limited opportunity growth .... I left with my pride and my desire to create a great future for my wife and child and now wake up every morning very thankful that I can offer folks a chance to look at a program I wish I had seen a few years ago. This is as good as it gets for Entrepreneurs tired of chasing their dreams: 1) A real Industry 2) An established base of contacts that clients can use on a regular basis 3) A Compensation plan that is built on long term compensation with an emphasis on rewarding team leaders 4) Daily Pay commission payouts 5) Discounts offered to associates on needed medical expenses. I tell interested team members the following: 'Rome was not built in a day ... But I will help you build your modern day Rome as I am looking for long term business partners that understand the value of teamwork'," said Salaam.

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