Russell's Book, Do You Have a Faith That Stinks? Calls Christians to Re-Examine their Faith-Walk for Signs of Stink Faith Rigor Mortis, the Result of Belief without Obedience

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Pastor Phillip Russell Sr writes a spiritual growth book calling Christians to re-examine their faith walk to determine if the rigor mortis of "stink faith" has hardened their hearts toward God and rendered their faith dead. His book reveals his love for God and God's Word, and his passion for teaching God's Word to His people.

Holy Fire Publishing releases Do You Have a Faith That Stinks? (Paperback, US$14.99, ISBN: #978-1-60383-090-4). Russell warns that "stink faith" afflicts believing Christians when "their obedience leaves their faith, just as rigor mortis affects the body when the spirit leaves." Without obedience, faith dies and leaves behind a hardened heart. "Today if ye will hear his voice, harden not your hearts." (Heb. 4:7d, KJV) Pastor Phillip Russell is passionate for God's people to understand and obey God's Word. Do You Have a Faith That Stinks? calls believers to re-examine their faith-walk, teaches what faith is, and shows how faith works in the Kingdom of God.

"Disobedience to the Word of God causes hardness of the heart. If we're going to believe God's Word, we must obey the entire Word. "Stink faith" people pick and chose what they are going to obey or disobey in the Word of God. They will give a little offering, but won't give tithes. They will steal from their jobs, but not from the church. They will lie to their bosses, but not to their pastors."     --Phillip Russell

"For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also.' (Jas. 2:26, KJV) James tells us that when the spirit of a man leaves his body, he is considered dead. Many times, we read this scripture and stop at the dead body without going through the process to discover what happens after the body dies. After a few hours, rigor mortis sets in that dead body, and it stiffens the muscles and causes the body to harden. Days later, the body starts to give off a very bad odor. James also tells us that faith works in the same way. When works leave faith, faith becomes dead, and rigor mortis sets in to stiffen the person's spiritual life. That person's faith begins to stink, spiritually speaking, just like the body stinks without the spirit. The word works, in verse 26, means action of obedience. So, our faith becomes dead or nonexistent when we believe the Word of God, but will not obey it."--Phillip Russell

Phillip Russell, Sr., is Senior Pastor at New Mt. Zion Missionary Baptist Church, Florida City, Florida. He and his lovely wife Stefanie have four wonderful children. Pastor Russell's life exemplifies his love, faith and obedience to God's Word. He is passionate for everyone to understand God's Word, and whether his pupil is four or one-hundred-years old, Russell teaches with simplicity, so that all can understand and apply scripture to their everyday lives. E-mail Pastor Russell at

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