Liquid Gold Found in the Village

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The next big thing in high end skin care and cosmetics, newly discovered argan oil is now available from a local emerging skincare company Destiny Boutique for local residents at the Rancho Santa Fe' Stumps Village Market, 16950 Via de Santa Fe. Argan Oil can be only found in one part of the world, at the edge of the Saharan desert in Morocco where it is harvested by the local artisan Berber women. After traveling Europeans discovered this rare and exclusive oil in the 1990's, argan oil found it's way fairly quickly to high end anti-ageing European cosmetics. The imported certified organic and fair traded argan oil is rebottled with therapeutic grade essential oils by Destiny Boutique and is available for San Diegans in Rancho Santa Fe as well as from their internet site Argan oil is the most nutrious, rarest and expensive oil in today's market, affectionately named " Liquid Gold" due to its extraordinary nutrition content and skin healing abilities.

Stumps Village Market in the Village of Rancho Santa Fe is now carrying "Liquid Gold", a newly discovered nut oil from Morocco. Argan oil is known as a nutritious, abundantly rich in essential fatty acids and delectable gourmet oil introduced to the U.S. market first by five star chefs. However, argan oil is much more than a healthy culinary treat -- it is an ancient natural beauty serum that helps skin to remain firm and hydrated.

Argan oil is a 100% pure and healthy oil with conscience. Destiny Boutique's cosmetic argan contains no harmful chemicals, fillers or synthetic additives. By purchasing the oil from the partnering 22 women co-ops provides a means for rural families to remain on their land in Arganeraie and an opportunity to provide paid work for women who otherwise would not have a chance to make a living. Destiny Boutique's argan oil comes from UNESCO protected Biosphere Reserve in Morocco's Southwest. Buying oil from UNESCO protected area secures preserving argan forests in addition of preventing future desertification.

Indigenous Berber women of the semi-arid Arganeraie, the only place in the world where the rare argan tree grows, have been using pure argan oil in skin care for centuries. Argan oil protects their skin and hair from the elements of their harsh North African climate.

Due to its beneficial characteristics, argan oil is now a popular ingredient in European anti-aging cosmetics. Destiny Boutique is one of the first U.S. companies and the very first in North County to incorporate argan oil in their entire product line from cold processed soaps to serums. Destiny Boutique's cosmetic organic oil is available in 2 oz. amber bottles. The packaging is reflective of the down the earth nature of the product. The label paper on the packaging is easily removable and sprouts wildflowers when planted, which is another Destiny Boutique first, and speaks for their commitment to giving back, as well as their commitment to the environment. Only a few drops of the oil are needed to deeply moisturize and soften the epidermis for a revitalizing luxurious feel without leaving an oily residue.

Argan oil naturally improves the elasticity of the skin and the strategically added essential oils will further enhance the skincare. Destiny Boutique's argan oil has a selection of anti-wrinkle, patchouli-vanilla, sandalwood-vetiver and lavender blends. The anti-wrinkle blend is a spicy blend of carrot seed, fennel, frankincense, myrrh, anise and other essential oils reputed to stimulate cell renewal, increase elasticity, and rejuvenate dry or mature skin. Patchouli-Vanilla blend has an earthy and sensual touch with skin repairing patchouli and rich vanilla to create an irresistible scent with an euphoric comforting effect. Sandalwood-Vetiver blend consists of therapeutic grade sandalwood and vetiver essential oils effective for conditioning the skin to leave it moisturized as well as protected from harmful ultraviolet rays of sun. Lavender is a simple blend of therapeutic grade Bulgarian lavender designed to reduces tension as stress can be a contributor for the appearance of wrinkles.

The Destiny Boutique argan line found in Stumps Village Market is suitable for the entire family skin care although unisex Patchouli-Vanilla and Sandalwood-Vetiver blends are especially recommended soothing after shave moisturizers. The oil collection receive the perfect score of zero (no hazard) from Skin Deep database.

Tuula Hukkanen, CEO of Destiny Boutique is an everyday user of argan oil. "I read extensively about argan oil", Tuula says, "how argan oil helps to prevent the occurrence of wrinkles and stretch marks, soothes many skin irritations and reduces scars. Even applied to hair and scalp, argan oil nourishes stressed hair and provides a lasting natural shine. Being a skeptic, I had a hard time believing that a daily application of facial oil could actually diminish the appearance of wrinkles. " Tuula, 43 says she is a "believer" now after using argan oil completely has removed wrinkles under her eyes. Destiny Boutique receives weekly emails from satisfied customers who have used argan oil and noticed a significant difference. Internet customer Cindy from New Jersey writes in 7/31 in her email to Destiny Boutique: "The Argan oil is terrific for minimizing lines and softening rough spots on my skin. I have alot of sun damage, because I love the sun and a summer tan. This helps to minimize the damage I have done."

The other products that contain certified organic argan oil at Stumps Village Market are Destiny Boutique's 8 oz. Charcoal Detox Facial Wash ($12.50) and 4 oz. Raw and Unrefined Shea Butter with Argan Oil ($15), Moisturizing Loofahs ($12.50) and True Soaps ($8.95).

The secret of argan oil lies in its unique composition: argan oil contains more Vitamin E in the form of highly active gamma-tocopherol than any other oil -- anti-oxidants that fight and neutralize free radicals, the main cause of cell damage and aging. Furthermore, argan oil is rich in anti-inflammatory phytosterols.

Destiny Boutique's cosmetic argan oil is all natural and of the highest quality. It is pure, cold-pressed, enhanced by therapeutic grade pesticide free essential oils and does not contain any additives, fragrances or preservatives. Destiny Boutique's argan oil is purchased in bulk as certified USDA organic, produced by the U.C.F.A. (Union des Cooperatives des Femmes de l'Arganeraie), a group of 22 Berber women cooperatives in the Arganeraie, a UNESCO protected Biosphere Reserve in Morocco's Southwest. The product is available in a 2 fl oz. amber glass bottle. The suggested retail price is $29.

Destiny Boutique is an emerging skincare manufacturer, wholesaler and Internet retailer creating products with proprietary formulations using traditional and contemporary methods with an emphasis on all natural ingredients and botanical therapy. Destiny Boutique's clients are people from all walks of life who prefer natural wholesome body care products to synthetic mass marketed products.


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