Menopause: Why Are Cool Herbs So Effective and Safe for Reducing Hot Flashes?

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Menopause BalanZ, a cool herbal formula, can reduce hot flashes 90% without hormones. Moreover, there are no serious side effects observed based on 27 year experience as an over-the-counter menopause remedy on the Chinese market.

Leave your drugs in the chemist's pot if you can heal with food

Although Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, advocated: "Leave your drugs in the chemist's pot if you can heal with food," nowadays menopause women only have confidence in chemical drugs. Obviously, there are some biases against herbs. Menopause women need more information to understand the herbal formula Menopause BalanZ.

1. Do herbs work?
When you see people itching from poison ivy, you will understand how powerful herbs are. Unlike Asians and Europeans, who have cherished herbs for millennia, people in North America are just beginning to discover the benefits of herbs. China has an unbroken tradition of using herbal medicines. Now the Pharmacopoeia of P. R. China has two volumes: the first lists herbal medicines and the second lists chemical medicines.

Not surprisingly, China has the most sophisticated herbal formulas in the world. Classic herbal formulas have a long history of clinical success. In general, gynecology is an area in which Chinese medicine shines, since most female discomforts are caused by hormonal disorders which are too delicate to be manipulated by chemical drugs.

Chinese herbal formulas set the best example for synergy: Each herb has only a little hormonal effect, yet multiple herbs enhance each other and can substantially increase body-made hormones. Like home-made beef stew, basic ingredients beef, potatoes, carrots and onions enhance each other; not only is the whole stew flavor much better than any single ingredient, but also the nutritional value is significantly improved.

During moderation, scientific research focuses on isolating a single compound responsible for health. However, it turns out that the sum of the parts is more beneficial than the active ingredient alone. Now scientists have confirmed that the best antioxidant activity of fruits and vegetables is from the combination of phyto-chemicals in plants. So the traditional way to eat fresh fruits and vegetables is much better than isolated pills.

2. Why is Menopause BalanZ safer than hormone treatments?

Although Menopause BalanZ increases the body's own hormones, it is very safe.

Like a key and a lock, a hormone needs a hormone receptor to function. However, hormone treatments flood the body with external hormones without providing hormone receptors. Excessive synthetic or bio-identical hormones may bind to wrong receptors causing wrong actions.

Wisely, Chinese herbs balance hormonal glands to the optimal condition so they can produce both the body's own hormones and hormone receptors. According to a Shanghai medical school study in 1991, the ancient Chinese herbal formula Liu Wei Di Huang Wan not only increased their body's estrogen level by 20% but also doubled the estrogen receptors in menopause women. This is why the herbal remedy is safe for menopause: each estrogen (key) is supplied with enough estrogen receptors (lock). There are no excessive estrogens to bind wrong receptors.

Moreover, Mother Nature has balanced herbs between benefits and risks for humans. Drug companies isolate active ingredients and discard the synergy of whole herbs. Some discarded ingredients are important in enhancing absorption and reducing toxicity. As the potency of chemical drugs is enhanced, so are their side effects. Unlike chemical drugs, which often heal as much as they hurt, most herbs are safe.

3. Why are body-made hormones the most effective hormones?

An ounce of body-made hormones is worth a pound of man-made hormones. Not as a key opens a lock mechanically because their physical structures are fixed, a hormone binds a hormone receptor dynamically since their chemical structures are changing to dance with the ebbs and flows of the body's natural rhythms. Women are healthy when their hormones are in sync with the dance of nature, so it demands that the body has just the right amount of one hormone in proportion to the others. Man-made hormones (both synthetic and bio-identical hormones) have fixed structures. Obviously, taking fixed hormones every day throws off the choreography of the hormonal "dance".

The hormonal systems are so complex that only the body's own feedback system can regulate it. In fact, the body has a built-in mechanism which can produce all the hormones needed for woman's lifetime, and this mechanism can be supported or abandoned by your choices. Adding hormones to your body will bypass its built-in mechanism. Healthy diets and exercises promote the body's own mechanism. During menopause, diets and exercises are often not enough to cool down your hot flashes, If you like the idea of using more natural ingredients and fewer synthetics, herbs are for you. Explore the Chinese wisdom: Cool herbs for hot flashes.

Menopause BalanZ ( is a cool herbal formula for hot flashes:
1. Efficacy: Several independent medical schools have confirmed that the efficacy is up to 90%.
2. Safety: Animal studies showed that this formula is not lethal to mice at high doses. That is why no side effects are observed over 27 years on millions of Chinese menopause women.
3. Quality: The authenticity of herbs is guaranteed. Presently, we are the only herb company in the world to use this state of art technology (DNA barcodes) to identify all the herbs in this formula.

According to the FDA's dietary supplement regulation, all ingredients are listed on the label: 13 herbs and 2 minerals. There are absolutely no hormones: no soy or yam bio-identical hormones. Although this herbal formula doesn't actually contain human hormones, it does encourage the body to produce its own hormones.

Libo Li, MS, MPH
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