A Swim Cap That's Ergonomically Designed for Comfort

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This swim cap is unlike any other swim cap. It is designed specifically for added comfort. It features ergonomic ear pockets that add comfort and help to prevent the swim cap from slipping off.

Summer may be winding down but, with all the recent Olympics fanfare, interest in swim caps has been heating up.

Yes, Olympic swimmers in their streamlined swim caps recently called attention once again to the advantages of swim cap wear for all--recreational swimmers as well as competitive swimmers. Those benefits include protecting hair from being damaged in chlorinated water, keeping the hair dry, insulating the head while swimming (remember, most body heat is lost from the head), and actually protecting the eyes by keeping a swimmer's hair away. Of course, for competitive swimmers like those in the Olympics, a swim cap can also mean a reduction in drag.

According to Chris Fawcett, COO of firstSTREET, a national online and catalog direct marketer headquartered near Richmond, Va., one of the company's summertime best sellers is an Ergonomic Swim Cap made of hypoallergenic silicone and fitted with an "ear pocket" for comfort and stability.

"In my mother's day," says Fawcett, "swim caps were mostly latex and uncomfortable or ill-fitting, but this is one product category that has seen definite improvement over the years. With the newer silicone caps, like our best seller at firstSTREET, the fit can be close to perfect. Silicone stretches to about twice its size, and yet it gives a tight fit for nearly all head sizes."

firstSTREET's swim cap has had another good summer of sales, and Fawcett credits that success to a number of special features. "Those ear pockets are invaluable," he says. "Not only do they keep the water out of your ears and relieve pressure on your ears, they prevent the cap from slipping off."

Many pools in public places, like at hotels or the YMCA, have long required swimmers to don a cap because they don't want their filters clogged with stray hair. "With some caps," says Fawcett, "you'll be swimming along nicely and all of sudden the cap will slip right off. Then you have to hunt around for it and, with wet hair, I gather that it's practically impossible to get one back on your head.
"Our swim cap is anatomically designed to evenly grip your head, and when you're ready for it to come off, the same rear pull tab that helps you get it on so easily also helps you take it off, without snagging your hair."

Fawcett believes that the well-designed Ergonomic Swim Caps also make somewhat of a fashion statement. "They're sleek and attractive," he says, "unlike the hard-to-fit caps that leave hair sticking out top and bottom." He adds that silicone caps tend to have a longer life and more durability than latex caps, "and for those allergic to latex, silicone is definitely a blessing."

These caps may also be the answer for those with hair that is bleached, dyed or highlighted. A satisfied customer recently told firstSTREET that her Ergonomic Swim Cap had protected her hair color all summer, and she had been in her pool nearly every day. "I've had my expensive hair color turn green in chlorinated water in summers past," she said, "so I'm the biggest fan of this swim cap." The Ergonomic Swim Cap is unisex and one size fits all. It comes in a shiny silver, vibrant blue or basic black.

"A silicone cap is designed to last for years," says Fawcett, "because it's tear-resistant and more durable than latex. With more and more people out there these days swimming for their health, firstSTREET is pleased to offer a product that makes a swim more pleasant and more comfortable. Without the head squeeze, the headache, and the prospect of green hair, I would assume that swimmers might stay in the pool longer and get more of the benefits of a great form of exercise."

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