International Family Celebrates European Families and Extended Families in August, 2008

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International Family Magazine celebrates European Families with stories, ezine and site links and so much more in this August issue! IF mag also focuses on the extended families of the 21st century for August. In years past, "extended family" might simply mean aunts, uncles, cousins and distant cousins. But nowadays, with the phenomenon of the nuclear family and migration, this extends even further to friends in our communities.

International Family Magazine is a publication that follows the trending of family life both in the U.S. and abroad by simply sharing stories around the world. The extended family of yesteryear has shrunken to what contemporary critics call the "nuclear" family. But the nuclear family has gone ahead and found people in their neighborhoods and schools to be surrogate aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

How many times do you hear a child call someone "Auntie Eileen" and when asked which side of the paternal or maternal line, the answer is "Oh she is just a dear family friend." This family friend as "extended family" is yesterday's phenomenon exploded today for families that have either moved away from family or keep on moving.

This migrating family phenomenon is happening now and family definitions are changing as a result. IF mag is on the pulse of that trend for its readers. August's issue is filled with stories that reflect these trends.

Cheryl Paley, a regular contributor for IF mag and columnist for the New Global Family writes a piece this month entitled, "The Glue That Holds Us Together." For her as a single parent and her adopted daughter Zoe, she relies on an extended family that even embraces internet technology with an e-list family. In her story, she describes a dilemma, which is answered by a quick blast out to her e-list family that is comprised of other adoptive, bi-racial, single parent families. An e-list extended family? Fantastic!

Sometimes an "extended family" is a common ground organization among families. Take for instance TCK or Third Culture Kids that is written about in IF mag this August. TCK or Third Culture Kids is an organization of children or adults that lived abroad during their developmental years and have a mix of cultures or a blended third culture from this foreign living experience.

Catherine Wayland, Founder and Editor of International Family Magazine is just such a TCK kid. After being raised in the U.S. and England and returning to teach in Spain, the world was one big family get-together for her. The launching of International Family Magazine was just the documentation of the global family she was meeting and adding to her life. Wayland says, "To say "Extended Family" is to say, International Family Magazine. It is our hope that this magazine is your portal to the world, to friends for a lifetime, and a good story."

Ellen Blaustein, our resident Grandma Ellen raised her children in Europe and the U.S. She tells our readers fond memories for their enjoyment. Ellen also confirms as a parent how much she watched her children develop into adults without cultural boundaries. She and her husband expanded the neighborhood in which their children played to be a global one. Imagine that? A global playground? Wouldn't that be every parent's dream? Some. Some not. International Family Magazine takes its readers on the exploration.

Kent Converse who has recently joined IF mag's troop of storytellers, once again takes us to the homes of his extended families around the world. This time in the August issue of IF mag, Kent tells a wonderful tale of his life with two orphan children in Thien An Orphanage in Vietnam. Besides helping them with their expenses, Kent spends time with his orphan children on the Internet. They are getting to know one another in this cyber family space.

International Family Magazine stops in Europe for August 2008. You will read a great story of the Founder of IF mag's childhood time in England. IF mag also pays tribute to Swedish-American writer Pia Harden. Pia has a collection of stories under Global Families/Multicultural Families. Her story for August is the "Monkess and the Begging Bowl."

IF mag always delivers great information alongside their storytelling. You will find a recipe and a story from Tina Lai, Gourmet this month on IF mag. There is a page directory of European Mags for Families. There is an update from Jessica Long in Education Exchange about the KnowledgeBeat in Africa.

Brooke Allen has built his column of fables and stories for IF mag over the last 2 years. In a world where there are so many mothers talking about what they are teaching their children, Brooke's fables to his sons, Glen and Davis are refreshing. He reminds us all how much a father thinks through his teachings and legacy to his children. Brooke bridges the growing gap between the genders and the climbing divorce. Who knows? Maybe IF mag and their writers can really mend the fractured family that troubles our global communities.

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