BlueCielo Launches InnoCielo Global Collaboration Framework 2008

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Latest version contains enhanced features such as automatic synchronization of workflow, replication of new file names, optimized scheduled export processes and more

BlueCielo ECM Solutions, a leading global software company offering Engineering Content Management (ECM) solutions, announced today that it has released InnoCielo Global Collaboration Framework 2008, the latest version of the InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise module that enables exchange of content and collaborative workflow between geographically dispersed engineering teams.

The InnoCielo Global Collaboration Framework allows geographically separated engineering teams to establish seamless exchange of content and global workflow to enable global engineering processes, while at the same time retaining their own local working environments and processes in InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise. The InnoCielo Global Collaboration Framework can also be used to collaborate with external engineering teams, streamlining outsourcing processes.

The engineering content exchanged can vary from Microsoft Office documents to 2D CAD drawings and 3D CAD assemblies. Metadata and references are exchanged together with the engineering content, preserving essential relations between individual files. Built-in and customizable rules make it possible to preserve consistency between files, assemblies, vaults and sites. The main enhancement in this release of InnoCielo Global Collaboration Framework is the capability to set up global workflows for engineering processes such as design, review and approval.

With the InnoCielo Global Collaboration Framework, global organizations can enjoy benefits such as the automated exchange of engineering content, shorter turnaround times, improved reliability, better protection of intellectual property, time efficiency and cost reduction.

The InnoCielo Global Collaboration Framework works in conjunction with BlueCielo's flagship ECM solution InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise - a robust, highly scalable engineering content management solution used in multiple vertical markets worldwide by companies such as Bluewater, EDF Energy, Entergy Nuclear, ExxonMobil, Finnish Rail, the Franke Group, Hewlett Packard, Huntsman, Met-Mex Penoles, Petrobras, Pfizer, RWE, Shell and many more.

New Features in InnoCielo Global Collaboration Framework 2008

The following new features are available in InnoCielo Global Collaboration Framework (GCF) 2008:

  • Support for advanced document workflow - Advanced document workflow (ADWF) is the versatile and fully configurable workflow feature introduced in InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise 2007. During a workflow, the ADWF state can now be synchronized to the collaborating vaults. This enables configuring global workflows for engineering processes such as design, review and approval.
  • Remote command queue -- This allows for commands to be executed in remote vaults without the need for an active online connection. The command queue can be used in combination with script to implement complex cross-site document management processes.
  • Replication of renamed documents -- When a document is renamed in the vault that currently owns it, the new name can be replicated to the collaborating vaults.
  • Optimization of the scheduled export process -- The export of updates to remote vaults has been greatly optimized. For specific situations, this process is now up to 20 times faster, making it practical to schedule background updates multiple times per day.
  • Support for FTP transfer -- In GCF 2008, uploading of BriefCase files to the destination server through FTP is now supported.
  • Integration of HTTP configuration -- Configuring transfers through HTTP is now integrated with InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise Web Access, making it easier to configure and maintain.
  • Enlistment of documents in single document workflow -- Single document workflow (SDWF) is the deprecated workflow feature from older versions of InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise. During a workflow, the SDWF state can now be synchronized to the collaborating vaults. This also enables configuring global workflows for engineering processes.
  • Support for a read-only main area -- Building on the introduction of general support for work areas in GCF 2.0, GCF 2008 now supports scenarios where all changes to documents are made in a work area before release to the main area. GCF 2008 will replicate the released documents to the main areas of the collaborating vaults.

For further details on the InnoCielo Global Collaboration Framework and InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise, please visit You can also call us at (800) 323 2926 ext 111 (toll free from the USA), +1 404 634 3302 (Americas) or +31 (0)70 413 3700 (EMEA).

About BlueCielo ECM Solutions:
BlueCielo ECM Solutions provides Engineering Content Management and Application Integration solutions for owner/operators in multiple vertical industries including energy, oil & gas, petrochemical, government, pharmaceutical, and discrete and process manufacturing. BlueCielo has more than two decades of industry experience with over 275,000 users in 50+ countries worldwide. The company has offices in the USA, UK, Russia, Germany and the Netherlands, together with an extensive global network of established partners. BlueCielo ensures a high level of service and support on a truly worldwide scale for its leading software solutions, InnoCielo Meridian Enterprise and InnoCielo TeamWork (formerly AutoManager Meridian and AutoManager TeamWork). For more information, please visit, or call (800) 323 2926 ext 111 (toll free from the USA), +1 404 634 3302 (Americas) or +31 (0)70 413 3700 (EMEA).

BlueCielo, InnoCielo, Cyco and AutoManager are registered trademarks of BlueCielo ECM Solutions. All other brand names, product names, or trademarks belong to their respective holders. © 2008 BlueCielo ECM Solutions. All rights reserved.


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