TeachingSolutions.org Notes Test Coaching Can Increase Praxis Math Scores

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Deficient Math Skills Are One of Today's Biggest Teacher Quality Concerns. The Biggest Obstacle Many New Teachers Face is the Mathematics Section of the Praxis I. TeachingSolutions.org Reports Test Prep Courses Can Have A Significant Impact on Scoring.

Teachers have the skills to teach, but not all the content

A recent study conducted by the National Council of Teacher Quality confirms fears that the maths skills possessed by our nation's educators may not made the grade, leading to diminishing returns in the math classroom. According to test preparation Web site TeachingSolutions.org, improved study habits and test coaching can have an impact in prospective teachers' mathematics scores on their all-important teacher certification exams.

In a recent online article, Sandi Jacobs, VP of the National Council on Teacher Quality, offered an uncomfortable answer. "Kids don't learn enough math, and some of them go onto college to become teachers who don't know enough math, and they go on to teach more children who don't learn enough math," said Jacobs.

Jacobs criticized the elementary version of the Praxis test, the Praxis I, as too easy and broad, stating that "you can fail the math portion, and still pass the overall test." This is not good news for students or for the teachers that instruct them. Fortunately, would-be teachers who need assistance with the array of arithmetic on the exam can turn to test coaching providers like TeachingSolutions.org to improve performance on teacher certification exams and other professional licensure tests.

Math skills in particular are especially essential at the elementary level. Elementary math is the foundation for all other math courses, as well as the math that most students will use most often in their adult lives.

Eric Milou, a professor at Rowan University, believes that, "Teachers have the skills to teach, but not all the content," advocating additional math courses for college students.

States may take years to revise the math criteria for teacher certification, but soon-to-be teachers should start planning now by incorporating more math classes into their college curriculum.

TeachingSolutions.org knows that many prospective teachers find the math portion of the Praxis I challenging, even despite these claims. The expansive approach of the Praxis I can make students unsure of what content will be presented on their exam. Those preparing for the exam are left studying a little bit of everything 'just in case', instead of focusing on what they will actually need to know to be successful teachers.

In addition to enrolling in extra courses during college, TeachingSolutions.org advocates enlisting the help of a Praxis professional. Our program offers an excellent, comprehensive package from a teacher who's been there and knows what it takes. Studies, including a study in the Journal of Education Measurement and other sources, have shown significant score for second-time test takers who use test coaching materials like the ones provided by TeachingSolutions.org. Pairing these test success systems with a quality course load in school can make students better equipped to pass the test, but also to tackle the math problem in our schools.


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