Janitor Goes From Average Blue Collar Worker to Lucrative Small Business Owner and Music Producer by Selling his Hip Hop Beats Online

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Janitor Mark Bos finally decided that enough was enough. He was tired of not being able to spend more time doing the thing he loved to do the most. He wanted to make a change, but he was stuck in the same situation most of us struggle with everyday. How could he spend more time on his passion when he had to work to support his family.

I knew I had to do something about it, but I didn't know how to support my family financially while spending more time on my music and less time at work.

One day while driving home after his shift as a janitor at the local public elementary school, Mark Bos finally decided that enough was enough. "I was sick and tired of coming home and feeling sick and tired" said Mr. Bos in a recent interview. "I knew I had to do something about it, but I didn't know how to support my family financially while spending more time on my music and less time at work." Mark was stuck in a situation we all struggle with day in and day out. We want to start that business we've been thinking about for years, but we must work long hours to support our families.

Mark decided that he was going to take action! "I decided that I was going to start off small, and work my way towards my goal of being my own boss." Mark's love affair with music started about 7 years ago when he joined his first heavy metal band. He was the drummer in the band, but he was also very talented with the keyboard. The band disintegrated after a lack of exposure, but Mark kept his love for music alive by learning how to produce hip hop beats using his 5 keyboards. How does one go from heavy metal to hip hop? "I joined the heavy metal band because there was nothing else in my neighborhood at the time. If I had the option then, I would have chosen hip hop. If you listen to my hip hop beats you will notice they have a rock and roll edge to them. I think that makes them unique."

Mark did indeed take action. He joined several hip hop producer marketplaces on the internet, which took him several weeks due to his lack of computer knowledge. "It took me weeks to figure out how to upload tracks on the various sites. I was lost!" Mark figured it out eventually. After his long, hard shifts at work, he would get home and work on his music into the late hours of the night. "I am very grateful to have a supportive family, because I worked for most of the day, which was very unfair to my wife. I guess she understood that I was trying to do something that would benefit our family in the long run. She's awesome." After months of work and fights with the computer, Mark started seeing a decent profit from his hard work. "I started to make money, and that made me want to work harder." Mark achieved top rankings on many hip hop beat marketplaces like My Beat Shop and Roc Battle. Mark has also ventured out into other genres like R&B.

Mark did work harder, and the profits kept coming, but they seemed to be consistent every month. Mark was looking to make enough money to be his own boss, but he knew he was lacking something. "I did not know anything about computers or internet marketing, but I was selling something on the internet. I needed help, but I did not know where to turn. Enter internet marketing professional Carlos Hernandez and his partner Jorge Rubero. "I received an email from Carlos, and he expressed that he liked my beats, and he wanted to propose a business venture to me. The business venture included my own website, a large marketing budget, company branding, and his know how. I was skeptical at first, but I decided to take a chance. The rest is history."

"Mark was very talented, but I knew that I could help him with his marketing. The first thing I noticed was the fact that he did not have his own website. The beat marketplaces are a good way to make a couple sales here and there, but there lots of noise on those pages that take the potential customer's attention away from his product. The first thing we did was build Mark a site, and promote his company brand, Bos Beats." The site, PRWeb Press Release Newswire has done very well because of the quality of the product and the marketing efforts according to Mr. Hernandez. The has lots of features and free giveaways. Any artist that purchases a beat from Bos Beats is treated to 2 free beats at no extra charge. Artists are also encouraged to turn in their songs after recording on a Bos Beats instrumental for feedback and a possible exclusive beat deal. "In order to make loyal customers we have given our customers many advantages. When they think of purchasing a beat, they come to us because we give them more for their money. In this day and age of high gas prices and inflation, that's all everyone is looking for. More for their money. That's what the site is built around." JJ Tucker, a hip hop artist from Miami, Florida had this to say about the site: "What can I say other than you can't beat Bos Beats! The material is radio quality beats at affordable prices. I feel like I have Timberland type beats for a fraction of the cost. I buy one beat and I get three. Mark has also given me feedback that has helped improve my skills as a rapper. My sister sings, and she also buys her beats from Bos Beats. He's the truth man!."

Mark is his own boss today because of the income from his new website. "I'm so happy things happened the way they did. Everything happens for a reason. Now I can spend time doing what I like, make enough money doing it, and help the artists improve." Visit PRWeb Press Release Newswire to see Mark's site and hear some of the hip hop and R&B beats that have helped many artist put together premium sounding albums, mixtapes, and demos.


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