Eco-Tourism Industry Saves Water, Money and Carbon Dioxide Using Effishower

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Hotels could improve the bottom line and decrease its carbon footprint by conserving water. The new water conservation device is easy to use and install. The hotel could use up to 85% less water for showers. The calculator found at is showing how much water, money and carbon dioxide could be saved with the EffiShower.

We hope that after using an Effishower in the hotel room, environmentally conscious people will use the Effishower for their own shower

As environmental concerns grow, guests are clamoring to travel without leaving their carbon footprint on the world.

Hotels have welcomed the idea of conserving energy while keeping guests comfortable and costs low by reusing linens and towels, but Green-er LLC has developed a device, the Effishower, to keep water use by guests down.

Twenty-nine percent of water used at hotels is attributed to guest rooms, with long, hot showers playing a large role. This adds up to a lot of wasted water -- and a lot of wasted money. In the next six months, Green-er LLC plan to install more than 50,000 Effishowers in hotels in California and Georgia, two states battling severe drought problems, in hope of making the states' hotel industry a bit more environmentally responsible.

To use an Effishower, a hotel guests simply pushes one button. Each push releases a 45-second burst of water, and ideally, one shower would take only two presses. The first cycle of water flows long enough to wet down a body, then turns off as the bather lathers up the shampoo, shaving gel or soap. Instead of avoiding -- therefore, wasting -- the flow of water that constantly rinses of the product being used, start scrubbing while water-free. Once another stream is needed, press the button again for another 45-second flow. If that doesn't do the trick of rinsing everything, the button can be pressed lightly, releasing a few seconds worth of water.

This green method of showering centers around the idea of only using the water actually needed, which conserves water, money and the environment. Even using three cycles of water conserves 78 percent of water normally wasted.

To gain an understanding of exactly how much water - money and carbon dioxide - can be saved, Green-er LLC offers an online calculator that takes various factors such as the cost of energy and the number of people typically showering in the hotel and figures out how much will be saved by the installation of Effishower. The calculator can be found at

For the sake of keeping guests' comfort at the forefront of the hospitality industry, if a guest dislikes the Effishower, maintenance can easily remove the device from the shower. More often, eco-conscious guests will use the Effishower, saving water and money for the hotel.

"We think that by using the Effishowers in the hotels, the hotel managers will be part of a mass education program," said Vincent C. Petrescu, president of Green-er LLC. "It shows the guests that is possible and easy to use a lot less water during the shower."

"We hope that after using an Effishower in the hotel room, environmentally conscious people will use the Effishower for their own shower," Petrescu added.

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Green-er, LLC has the mission to bring to US market devices that are focusing on the "Reduce" part of the "Reuse, Reduce, and Recycle" environmental concept.

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