Online Reputation Management is No Monkey Business

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Search engine optimization company, Adviatech Corp., launched their reputation management subsidiary this week after eighteen months of planning. The service helps repair individual's and company's negative press, online.

The newest problem for businesses and individuals online has become their own behavior. Google has replaced traditional background checks and employer references for many human resource departments and consumers now 'Google' companies before working with them.

The problem exists when individuals and companies are judged for old news. Be it an embarrassing weekend for a partner in a law firm or a faulty product release which has now been repaired, these old news stories can prevent employment, new income, and overall destroy a reputation.

In 2007, guaranteed search engine optimization company, Adviatech Corp., began offering the online "name cleansing" service to a list of past criminals, acquitted suspects, and professionals who got public misdemeanors. They also began the planning of what is now, EBadPress, a subsidiary of Adviatech Corp.

While other online reputation management companies may use locks, safes, and other cliché symbolisms, Adviatech took a 'wiser' approach by using three wise monkeys. The EBadPress logo is made up of Kikazaru, the monkey that hears no evil, Iwazaru, the monkey that speaks no evil, and a mischievous Mizaru, the monkey which is supposed to be seeing no evil but instead, peaking with one eye at a laptop.

The pictorial maxim is a symbol of Japanese wisdom often repeated as "Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil", a proverb reminding people to not be nosy, gossipy, or snoopy.

EBadPress releases new media to talk about current events for their clients which eventually become the first results in search engines. The search engines are more interested in fresh new content so the method of name cleansing is an ethical form of online reputation management.

EBadPress falls directly under the jurisdiction of Adviatech Corp., President and Co-Founder, C.P. Kazor. Kazor believes that other companies offering similar services are missing an important element in reputation management… secrecy.

Kazor explains, "When we begin a reputation management project, we keep that case secret. These other companies that talk about contacting web sites with legal notices and asking them to remove content are putting their clients at risk. If someone has an article on a web site that is deemed 'negative press' and a reputation management company writes the site owner a letter asking them to remove the story, the site owner is more than likely going to blog about the first amendment injustice thus creating more negative press on the web for the client. That is why, we work in the shadows."

The EBadPress project was developed by both Adviatech Co-founders, President C.P. Kazor and Vice President, Jason Bland. Bland, will be overseeing many of the technical aspects of online reputation management. He too, strongly believes in privacy and secrecy when dealing with reputations and compares reputation management companies that don't to someone hitting a beehive with a stick.

Bland explains, "If you have a beehive hanging on your door step and you take a stick, then knock it down, you are going to have a lot of angry bees swarming around. But if you apply a layer of smoke around the beehive, the problem can be peacefully remedied. If you contact a blog owner or site owner, you are asking for a lot of angry bees swarming the web to spread your bad news."

The EBadPress confidentiality statement on is the tightest in the industry. No other online reputation management expresses the same dedication to privacy and secrecy. While the names of clients are confidential, clients will, of course, be told how their reputations will be repaired and guaranteed only ethical practices. This is necessary to maintain Adviatech's status as an ethical search engine optimization company.

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