JBNI Launches Herbal Appetite Suppressant Lip Balm for Weight Loss

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In response to steady requests from physicians and the public over the last two decades, JBNI released a lip balm today that safely and immediately curbs appetite upon application. In keeping with JBNI's strict product development policy of using only herbal ingredients grown without pesticides, the new JBNI appetite suppressant lip balm is another JBNI product with no known side effects or contraindications. As a result of a limited pre-release, feedback is already streaming in.

Canyon Park, WA based JBNI, an internationally recognized genetics and cancer proteomics research firm just today publicly released their guarded 100% natural Appetite Suppressant Lip Balm. Today's decision is in response to over two decades of requests from physicians and the public. JBNI, satisfied with the long observation period, finally made the Appetite Suppressant Lip Balm, code named, "A.Balm," available to the general public.

Among the comments from the pre-release test group, Nancy Hokenson, a Registered Nurse relates, "Both my daughter and I had been using the lip balm for two weeks faithfully. It was time to do the weekly grocery shopping so off we went. We shopped and had our usual laughs etc. then it was check out time. The bill came up to half the amount as usual. I looked at her and asked if she hadn't gotten her usual for her house and I looked and it seemed like more than enough! I got back to the kitchen and noticed less extras and more basics, and there was even less of that! We called each other and said, 'Hey this lip balm really works!!!'"

After eight weeks, Nancy Hokenson's daughter has lost 50lbs.

Another user, Amy H., was asked by JBNI's marketing team to respond with a detailed explanation regarding how quickly the A.Balm works, how long it suppressed her appetite, and whether she experienced any loss of energy due to consuming less calories. She responded, "So far, it works!

JBNI's herbal product division which produces the A.Balm is Biodrux Corp. Biodrux is known to produce only 100% natural and herbal formulas tested by groups like the CTRC (Cancer Therapy and Research Center), TSRA (Triple S Research Associates) in connection with Dana Farber Cancer Institute / Harvard Medical School (see DFCI/HMS report on Bioprin), and IDD (Institute for Drug
Development). These prestigious scientific firms cite that Biodrux produces formulas that are as effective as commercially available alternatives. JBNI's market demanded a weight loss product that adhered to the same product efficacy standards.

When asked how it is possible to satisfy hunger cravings without any caloric intake, JBNI General Manager, Azim Walli, explained, "This is what our scientists told me: 'There is a dermal-visceral relationship between the lips and the stomach. Stimulation to the lips triggers a dialation response from the stomach making you feel hungry. The biochemistry of stomach expansion further lowers your blood sugar levels. In just about every culture, when mothers are trying to get their infants to feed, they instinctively tickle the lips. Babies open their mouths and begin to breast feed. This is a common understanding. A.Balm does exactly the opposite. It is an anti-stimulant that is herbal, safe, and causes no loss of sensitivity. This is how A.Balm either returns your stomach or keeps the stomach at the normal and healthy contracted state.'"

Mr. Azim Walli was further pressed by his early pre-release testers as to how a topical lip balm that acts so aggressively can be safe. His response explained that all of JBNI's products are not only 100% natural with no chemicals (with the exception of PiII which contains paraben), but they are all totally edible with zero toxicity levels. Even the herbs used by JBNI were grown with absolutely no pesticides.

Due to unexpectedly high pre-release demand for the new Biodrux Appetite Suppressant Lip Balm, Executive Manager Ken Case is rapidly ramping up production to satisfy the general public's demand.

Mr. Azim Walli can be reached for wholesale and distribution applications at http://JBNI.us/account and azimwalli @ gmail.com. JBNI is located in the leading biotech center of Canyon Park, WA, and can be reached by phone at 425 408 9091.


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