Cheetah Motorsports Manufacturer of Gas Scooters Launches Nationwide Dealer Campaign

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Cheetah Motorsports Manufacturer of Affordable Gas Scooters Launches Nationwide Dealer Campaign to Combat Rising Gas Prices. The Scooter Company takes aim at local markets across the US and has Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah in their crosshairs.

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Cheetah Motorsports manufacturer of the Cheetah line of gas motor scooters and off road vehicles made the long awaited decision to authorize third party dealers to carry their vehicles on a national level. The company was working on establishing localized factory owned dealerships in the major cities of all 50 states but the upward trend of rising fuel costs and resulting popularity of fuel efficient motor scooters has put pressure on the company to expand more quickly into local markets through authorized third party dealers.

"We really wanted to protect the Cheetah brand name" says Jamie Johnson, president of Cheetah Motorsports "so we were reluctant to authorize third parties in other states to represent the Cheetah name" he adds "but there was a lot of pressure from consumers to have a local presence in their cities, people don't just want to see a picture of a scooter on the internet they want to ride it, to feel how it handles and see how it drives".

This pressure led Cheetah to make the pivotal decision to allow other dealers to carry their particular line of scooters and off-road vehicles. The company currently markets 50cc Cheetah Metro, 150cc Cheetah Cruiser and 250cc Cheetah Touring to consumers that are feeling the financial squeeze at the pump.

"Consumers love our brand" says Johnson "because of the way gas prices are going customers want a scooter that gets 100 mile per gallon but they don't want to have to take out a second mortgage to buy a traditional brand scooter. They also don't want the headaches offered by many of the cheaper no-name scooters like a lack of warranty and limited or no availability of spare parts" he continues "we really believe we have found that happy medium of affordability and dependability not just in the product but also in the way our company that backs the products."

Despite now having the ability to get their scooters into local areas at a quicker rate Cheetah still has some challenges ahead of them "We still get calls from dealers looking for $400 scooters but we weed them out fairly quickly" says Debi, Cheetah's head of customer service "the ones that have done their homework and understand that consumers are willing to pay a few bucks more for a scooter with a good warranty and a name they can trust are the ones that appreciate what Cheetah has to offer, we are a unique brand".

Unique they are, Cheetah has highlighted their new campaign by taking aim at King Abudullah of Saudi Arabia. Cheetah's official website features images of the king with pockets full of money and the caption "This man wants to take your children's college fund", the rotating image ends with the king's face on the body of a donkey and a barrel of oil aiming at his backside with the words "tell King Abdullah where he can put his oil".

"I love that ad" laughs Mikey, Cheetah's head of logistics "the guy and his family are getting ridiculously rich off of our misery so we are going to get back at him and the oil companies in the best possible way" he smiles "we are going to flood America with 100 mile per gallon scooters".

Cheetah is not stopping there, they have recently been contacted with inquires from dealers wanting to sell their products in countries like Mexico and Bulgaria. The company is also making plans to market their scooters in Israel where gas prices have been over 5nis per litre (about $4.65 per gallon).

Information about Cheetah Motorsports and their authorized dealer program can be found on the companies official web site at


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