Birth of Golden Age = Political Chaos, Environmental Disaster and Moral Decay? Newly Opened Web Community Aims at Planetary Transformation

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A new internet community for the metaphysically minded views dire planetary crises as indicator of the arrival of "Heaven on Earth." The AEONIA Community, which launches it's website August 16, 2008, believes the crises we face today are "ordained by a higher power" to wake mankind up to "our divine mission" that mission being, "To act as Stewards of Planet Earth and transform it into Paradise."

Alchemically alter the space-time structure of planet Earth's grid system

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A new internet community for the metaphysically minded views dire planetary crises as indicator of the arrival of "Heaven on Earth." The AEONIA Community launches it's website August 16, 2008.

The "meta-scientists" of AEONIA (pronounced "a on ee ah") are embracing the planet's troubles to further their agenda of "Spiritualizing the Earth." Calling their home, this group claims that by through using high-tech Earth-Friendly technology along with esoteric knowledge and technology left behind by the "Ancients", mankind can reverse the trend toward planetary self-destruction and bring about the start of a Golden Age.

The central tenet of the AEONIA community is that a "Golden Age" must be created by humanity without reliance on an external power, such as the Second Coming of Christ. "Mankind's mission is to create Paradise within our souls and within our World. Spiritual Forces will help us, but realizing Paradise is our job," says C. M. Kepler.

Kepler, an organizer of the AEONIA community, further states, "We have limited time to change the present course of human evolution toward Mankind's Divine Purpose. We are failing today, and if this trend continues I believe the human experiment will come to an end."

"AEONIA was created to provide the technical training, core education and specialized technology needed to transform Planet Earth for the coming Golden Age. Our AEONIA website serves as academy, news outlet, meeting place, and social networking platform for 'people like us'," states Kepler.

The AEONIA "meta-scientists" believe that the technology needed to transform Earth into Paradise was left behind in coded form by ancient civilizations such as the Egyptians, Greeks, Mayans, Chinese and others. By unlocking the secrets the Ancients left behind, Aeonians expect to "Alchemically alter the space-time structure of planet Earth's grid system" and to "Create the space for Paradise to become manifest."

The AEONIA Community fully embraces forward thinking conventional technology as well, such as: organic farming, alternative energy production, sustainable living practices, environmental toxin cleanup, self-sustaining alternative communities, elimination of pollution, etc.

"Wow... Saving the world sounds like tall order for a tiny group with limited resources!"

Kepler responds, "Everyone with a desire to see Earth become a healthier, happier and more harmonious place is invited to join us. Billions of people worldwide are connecting with the same spiritual impulse AEONIA is... we simply identify the impulse by calling it 'environmentalism', 'Green', 'socially conscious', 'spiritual', etc. Our backgrounds and beliefs are varied, but what we all share is a deep desire to see planet Earth and mankind survive and thrive."

AEONIA invites all to visit their website opening August 16, 2008 and participate in their World Tranmutation Project. To learn the use of sacred science and future technology to heal planet Earth, join the AEONIA [RE]Evolution at


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