CBP Authorizes AvFinity as APIS Pre-Departure Message Provider

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AvFinity™has received U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) authorization to submit pre-departure Advance Passenger Information System (APIS) messages for airlines and business jet operators. AvFinity™is one of the few providers worldwide to undergo testing and have its transmission technology authorized by CBP to submit pre-departure APIS, also known as APIS Quick Query or AQQ. AvFinity™also is authorized to submit batch APIS.

The AvFinity APIS Navigator™ service for both AQQ and batch APIS provides unique features that keep air carriers in compliance and reduce their exposure to costly fines

AvFinity™ has been certified by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) to file APIS pre-departure clearances, also known as APIS Quick Query (AQQ).

AQQ permits air carriers to transmit passenger data in real time as the passenger checks in the flight prior to boarding. AvFinity™ is one of the few aerospace communications companies worldwide that has successfully undergone CBP testing and had its transmission mechanism approved for AQQ deployment.

With the certification, AvFinity is authorized to file APIS submissions through either APIS Quick Query (real-time transmission and automated screening) or APIS batch submissions (can take up to 30 minutes to process).

"The AvFinity APIS Navigator™ service for both AQQ and batch APIS provides unique features that keep air carriers in compliance and reduce their exposure to costly fines," said Steve D. Perkins, the AvFinity™ chief technology officer. "For instance, an incomplete APIS manifest is subject to penalty. However, our patent-pending software technology checks each record to assure that mandatory fields have properly formatted data."

After AvFinity™ submits the AQQ data, CBP vets the information and then provides clearance in just seconds for approved passengers and rejection for no-boards.

CBP requires APIS submissions for all inbound and outbound international flights. The government also is considering implementing mandatory APIS for private planes originating from or landing at international sites.

The AvFinity APIS Navigator™ service is available machine-to-machine for high volume transmissions utilizing multiple protocols such as web services, MQ, SOAP and FTP. Customers also can access the service for manual entry through a traditional web page at http://www.avfinity.com.

The AvFinity Secure Messaging Suite™, which encompasses APIS Navigator™, has an option for free software called ARC™ that provides a graphic user interface (GUI) and backend integration. One feature of this integration process is that it ensures a customer's existing IT can exchange APIS data with CBP in a reliable, automated manner. ARC™ also provides integration and connections from the AvFinity Secure Messaging Suite™ to other networks.

Another APIS Navigator™ feature is the ability to transmit via any network protocol. In addition, the software can take data regardless of format, including flat files and text, and convert them into the UN/EDIFACT format required by CBP for all non-email APIS transmissions.

Aerospace customers interested in deploying AQQ or batch APIS for international flights should contact AvFinity to begin software set up and implement database integration. For AQQ specifically, AvFinity and the customer also will undergo testing with CBP to assure optimum connection and transmission of mission-critical passenger data.

For more information on setting your company up for AQQ, contact AvFinity at 512-535-6937 or email info @ avfinity.com.

About AvFinity™:
AvFinity™ offers the most modern data communications technology available to the aviation industry. The company's network, known as the AvFinity Secure Messaging Suite (ASMS)™, is powered by the company's patent-pending software technology. Approximately 3% of the world's companies involved in aviation messaging use the foundation software to route, manage and format mission-critical messages. In ASMS™, the software technology provides APIS submissions through a direct connection to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP); flight plan filing, NOTAMs and AFTN messaging through a direct connection to the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration's NADIN II; IATA Type B messaging with double-digit message savings and elimination of connection costs when sent on-network; faxing; and secure email.


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