Wellness Enterprises Partners with the Center for A New American Dream to End Bottled Water

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Wellness Enterprises and the Center for a New American Dream "Break the Bottled Water Habit" campaign advocates end of environmentally-harmful bottled water cycle and creates more eco-responsible consumer patterns

Wellness Enterprises, LLC, a wellness company that produces top-of-the-line water purification and enhancement systems for safer, healthier and optimized water, is pleased to announce its partnership with the Center for a New American Dream, a nationally recognized non-profit that works to conserve natural resources and promote positive changes in consumer products, in the "Break the Bottled Water Habit" campaign.

Wellness Enterprises and New American Dream's joint campaign to end the excessive consumption of plastic bottled water will educate consumers and corporations about the waste and expense of bottled water, and will provide the information and tools needed to make personal, localized change and more global, far-reaching modifications to the way we think about, and drink, water.

The "Break the Bottled Water Habit" campaign promotes reusable bottles, such as Wellness Enterprises' new Wellness H2.O water bottle, an innovative product with a self-contained, advanced filtration and enhancement system. The bottle enables consumers to produce their own filtered and optimized water from any tap, reducing personal cost and environmental tolls. The Wellness H2.O water bottle produces water that has been purified for increased safety and optimized with rare Japanese volcanic minerals and reduced negative ions for enhanced health and wellness. The water bottle is made from low-density polyethylene (LDPE, #4), a plastic that does not leach harmful plasticizers such as BPA, and Wellness Enterprises is the only company on the market that recycles its filtration and enhancement cartridges, re-purposing them for organic turf farming. Each $49.95 bottle saves consumers up to $1,000 annually spent on commercially-produced bottled water, and helps reduce the environmental burden of disposable plastic water bottles to U.S. landfills each year, which last year totaled more than 26 billion bottles. The campaign also promotes water filters and other alternatives to bottled water as necessary.

"Supporting New American Dream's 'Break the Bottled Water Habit' campaign with our new Wellness H2.O water bottle gives consumers and institutions an opportunity to make a difference environmentally, brings critical support and attention to environmental preservation, and as a economic bonus, saves money that would have been wasted on throw-away water bottles," said president and CEO of Wellness Enterprises, LLC, David Fowler.

New American Dream's campaign to "Break the Bottled Water Habit" works to significantly reduce and eliminate the purchase of bottled water by individuals and institutions. More than 4,500 corporations and state organizations look to New American Dream for guidance to make their businesses more responsible and environmentally-conscious. New American Dream offers constructive and realistic solutions, like swapping bottled water for the Wellness H2.O water bottle.

Beginning this month, you can visit the New Dream Web site (water.newdream.org) and not only pledge to break personal bottled water habits, but visitors can also win prizes for getting others to join you. Individuals who bring additional support to the campaign are eligible to win a variety or prizes, including a trip for two to Glacier National Park with an "insiders" tour of the park by global warming experts, an in-home water filtration system and Wellness H2.O water bottles.

"It is imperative that every person in the United States be more aware of their purchasing decisions and their personal impact on the environment," said Lisa Wise, Executive Director of the New American Dream. "Why produce nearly a million tons of plastic to cart billions of gallons of water all over the country when clean, virtually free water flows right into our taps? Using the Wellness H2.O water bottle gives consumers direct access to purified water that is actually better for them than tap or bottled water."

For more information or to get involved, please visit water.newdream.org and http://www.EndBottledWater.com.

Editor's Note: For industry interviews, story development, and/or more information about Wellness Enterprises partnership with the Center for a New American Dream, please contact Pamela Wadler or Nancy Trent at (212) 966-0024 or Mary Peters at (301) 891-3683.


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