Benco Dental Adds New Sipdisc Product Packs to Promote Patient Oral Health, Reduce Tooth Decay

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New products created to support good oral health hygiene, help prevent tooth decay, introduced to dental offices and hygienists. Products from Sipdiscs ( encourage pediatric patients to practice daily brushing, and include Sipdisc drinking straw holders to reduce exposure to acids in soft drinks, prevent tooth decay, erosion and staining.

A new group of products created to support good oral hygiene and help prevent tooth decay is being introduced to dental offices nationwide by Benco Dental, one of the nation's largest dental supply companies. The products include two new kits from SipdiscTM (, for distribution by dentists and hygienists to their pediatric patients. The kits include daily brushing charts that are designed to encourage children to develop and practice good daily oral hygiene habits.

Each of the new kits feature specially designed Sipdiscs, light-weight paperboard die cut discs, that fit over juice and soft drink bottles and cans and firmly hold drinking straws in the correct position to help prevent tooth decay, erosion and staining. The importance of using straws when drinking sodas and other soft drinks is supported by the strong recommendations of dental researchers, the Academy of General Dentistry and dental societies across the country and in Great Britain. These dental experts are urging that soft drinks always be consumed by using a strategically placed drinking straw. The Sipdisc is the only product that supports the use of straws.

Carbonated beverages, like sport drinks and sodas and other acidic drinks, can wear away the protective enamel on teeth, leading to tooth decay and staining. The key to protecting the teeth, according to researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia, the Academy of General Dentistry and other experts, is to position the straw near the back of the mouth so the teeth aren't bathed in soda with every sip. The Sipdisc holds the straw in the correct position to carry the liquid past the teeth, to the back of the mouth. In addition, the Sipdisc covers the open bottle or pull-tab can and thus protects the drinks from contamination and insects.

Two of the kits designed for children, one featuring the popular Maisy character for pre-school and kindergarten kids, and the other designed with soccer illustrations for older children, include Sipdiscs, straws and other specially created elements that encourage twice daily brushing. The Maisy package includes a newly created toothbrush holder that provides a sanitary caddy for a child's toothbrush at home, or when traveling. Also included are tooth brushing charts and "award" stickers, to mark off each successful morning and evening brushing, and crayons and a coloring sheet.. In addition, the program includes newly designed Sipdiscs for distribution to adults. These carry illustrations and instructions on how to use Sipdiscs and explain their benefits in protecting teeth for corrosion and staining.    

Each of the elements in the dental kits reinforces good oral hygiene. For example, the soccer coloring sheet carries the message, "Soccer is good for your body…brushing your teeth is good for your mouth…drinking with a straw is good for your teeth." The Maisy Sipdisc states "Maisy uses a Sipdisc to hold her straw and to protect her teeth."

The Sipdisc was created by prominent oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. Alex Greenberg. He designed the Sipdisc in response to the studies by dental researchers who found that soft drinks, fruit juices and sports drinks that have high sugar and acid content have a corrosive effect on tooth enamel,. The corrosion results in an increase in tooth decay, cavity and staining. The lightweight Sipdisc is designed to fit firmly over a soft drink bottle or can and securely hold a drinking straw in the proper position to protect the teeth. The straw carries the drink past the teeth and to the back of the mouth, critical to keeping teeth healthy.

Benco Dental representatives will be introducing the new Maisy and Soccer "kids packs" and adult Sipdisc packages to dental offices across the country as part of a "Back to School" program in August and September.

Attention Editors: Art and illustrations of the products and kits are available.

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