Cashbackweb Launch Their New High Street Online Shopping Portal for UK Consumers

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The attraction of cash back shopping sites has caused a surge in member numbers during the last 12 months. Consumers are becoming more savvy in the wake of the credit crunch and finding ever more creative ways of saving money. Is cashback shopping the new way to generate an income from home?

Online shopping sites are one of the fastest growing sectors on the internet today. According to Nielson Online the top ten growth sites are money saving sites with, in some cases, memberships up by 1000%.

With the credit crunch taking hold and thousands of bargain seekers online avidly searching for the latest deal, business is having is to embrace the internet and create a presence online. Major companies now also recognise the advantages the Internet offers against conventional ways of reaching the consumer. They can now capture and cultivate clients, introducing them to new brands, and product launches and give back to consumers who become loyal members of the site.

This change has also produced major benefits to the consumer, who now is able to control and manage the interface they have with big business and voice their opinions in a way never before afforded to them. The advent of paper surveys and posting product reviews has truly ended. Today a click of a button empowers the consumer to do their weekly shop as though in any major UK shopping centre.

Perhaps the most important change of all has been the ability to participate in the success of big business. The phenomenon of cash-back websites have exploded onto the Internet. The theory of cash-back websites such as is that the consumer is rewarded for loyalty by shopping with an on-line brand. Thousands of major high street brands now offer these schemes where consumers receive cash payments for shopping regularly with them. So, what's the catch?

The consumer participates in the company growth by becoming a loyal customer (which in most instances is no change as many visit the same bands online as in the high street).

http;// has joined the fray by providing a site offering a shopping portal with access to over 1200 high street stores online. This site can be best described is the equivalent of an online shopping mall without the hassle of parking as you shop from the comfort of your home.

So what are the benefits for the consumer?

The benefits of cash back shopping online are numerous. Reduced pollution from trips to and from the shopping centre, time savings as the weeks shopping can be done in a few minutes, added convenience especially for rural shoppers and those with mobility problems. No more getting wet, queuing at the multi-storey, finding a parking space, feeding parking meters, finding a trolley, kids picking up impulse buy items you feel obliged to buy or struggling home with hundreds of bags.

The most tangible benefit is the ability to make an income. The savvy consumer can not only generate an income from the cash back purchases but can also see an additional income from referrals to family, friends and other consumers on forums and shopping portals. For the average consumer with 150 friends in their inbox, this can amount to a tidy sum especially if they pro-actively promote to other groups.

And what about the experience of on-line shopping?
Many websites now offer fantastic descriptions of items they sell on-line giving you dimensions, images of the product and even product weight.

This allows the consumer to establish if the item is fit for purpose before they click, but what about determining the quality of the item? All major on-line retailers have a returns policy stated on their website. Most good on-line stores also offer a refund for faulty goods providing items are returned in their packaging.

The best advice is to shop around and look at these terms BEFORE you buy. If you are unsure and need to see the item, then pop down to your local store, view the item and then make your purchase on-line. This way you not only benefit from not having to transport the item yourself but you also receive your cash-back payment from the retailer.

So how do you start cash back shopping on-line?

Stage 1 - Set up an account with a cash-back provider. The best portals such as offer a free £5 payment when you open an account PLUS an additional £5 for every person you refer. Such sites are an ideal way to donate to charity as they require no outlay from the member. Some portals may charge an admin fee or pay a smaller joining fee.
Stage 2 - Once your account is open begin shopping. Always ensure you access the shopping site via the portal to receive your cash back credit
Stage 3 - Check your statements weekly to see how much money you are making by sharing in the profits of your favourite stores.

The average family can literally make thousands per annum shopping on-line, when you consider the cost of holidays, children's clothing, weekly food shopping, utilities, phone bills, home and garden items, the list goes on and on.

In summary cash-back portals are an excellent way of making the most of your on-line spending, especially for those consumers who are regular on-line shoppers - Why not get something back, use a cash-back site.

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