Small Business Owners Discover Painless Networking with Instant Credibility

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First On-Line Business Network Where Business Friends Introduce Each Other To The People They Know.

On-line business networking should not be confused with on-line social networking

The Business Friends Forever Network, LLC announces the launch of its Internet business community MyBFFNetwork™ , where business owner friends, introduce each other to the people they know. This is a professional network which delivers credibility-based referral business, by personally introducing its members to a warm market consumer - friends of other members.

A strong recent trend among independent business owners is to join on-line social and business networks, linking profiles and collecting "friends," in an effort to generate new business. While these efforts may provide some value, "most Internet based networks are ineffective at providing the small business owners with true value," says Steve Gallegos, CEO and Co-Founder of MyBFFNetwork™.

"On-line business networking should not be confused with on-line social networking," says Gallegos. "MySpace and Facebook are extremely popular social networks because they appeal to a generation who seek little more from the experience beyond sharing their tastes in music and sharing their personal photo albums. On the other hand, small business owners try and use these networks to find new customers for their product or service. Creating an on-line scrap book of friends does little to further this goal since these so called "friends" are merely strangers who have approved linking your profile to theirs. This does not mean these network participants have any interest in your product or service. If a business owner then tries to sell themselves, they will be accused of improper solicitation and spamming. This is also true of popular business networks such as Linked-In," adds Gallegos.

The concept for MyBFFNetwork™ was born when Gallegos, then a commercial photographer, was searching for new ways to increase his business. Realizing that his photography newsletter, offering photo tips and specials, had gone flat, he decided instead to profile his ten most trusted business friends. After e-mailing the newsletter to his personal and business contacts, Gallegos asked his business friends to forward the newsletter to their respective contacts. As a result, each of the profiled business owners received ten times the exposure they would have received had they sent a newsletter to their own e-mail list of contacts. This personal introduction and exposure to a warm consumer, says Gallegos, "is exactly what is missing from the vast array of on-line business and social networking sites currently available".

Changing the popular slang term "BFF" (best friends forever); into "Business Friends Forever," the company has created a patent pending software, which creates a "people newsletter". Each member of the network generates their own newsletter which they then send to their respective contacts. Instead of editorial content, the newsletter features each member providing a personal introduction to their BFF's (other members of the network). Since the network grows using a "double viral expansion loop," the company anticipates that its members will soon be receiving a personal introduction to millions of warm market consumers -- weekly.

Consumers benefit by receiving a personal introduction to trusted and reliable sources of goods and services. They may search the website to view detailed member profile pages, member videos, to download free "How-to" reports written by members, communicate with, and take advantage of special offers presented by members. Since the members do not contact the consumers directly and the newsletters are emailed from someone personally known to them, the newsletter retains a much higher open rate than commercially sent communication. Additionally, once a consumer does business with a member, they will be invited to issue a satisfaction rating for that member, thus helping to keep accountability and the quality of service very high.

About The Business Friends Forever Network, LLC: The Business Friends Forever Network is a Texas Limited Liability Company dedicated to assisting independent business owners while offering consumers with education and a reliable source for the goods and services. The network web site address is The company is co-founded by Steve Gallegos, CEO, Mike Clarke, COO, Josh Osteen, CMO, and Roy Womack, CTO. For more information call (214) 995-7238

Source: The Business Friends Forever Network, LLC.

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