UNJURY Offers An Easier Way to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

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UNJURY, a medical quality protein supplement, announces a new initiative for those in the US seeking an effective diet and weight loss strategy. Long recommended by health professional for weight loss patients, UNJURY plans to engage consumers directly with an easy, safe and affordable alternative to traditional weight loss programs.

UNJURY is a viable option for those who are tired of yo-yo dieting

UNJURY medical quality protein has launched a new initiative for those struggling to lose weight. Developed by a clinical dietitian, the protein in UNJURY works to satisfy hunger -- and this satisfaction helps promote weight loss. Long recommended by doctors, dietitians, and nurses for various conditions and health goals - UNJURY's latest initiative is intended to reach American consumers. "UNJURY is a viable option for those who are tired of yo-yo dieting", according to UNJURY's co-founder, Jerome Krachenfels. Although weight loss programs and diets enjoy huge popularity, Krachenfels contends "they simply haven't worked for most Americans". He points to the fact that two thirds of adults in the U.S. are now overweight or obese, according to the National Institutes of Health. For a growing majority, extra pounds can create challenges to personal health and quality of life. "Unfortunately, most diets pose obstacles and roadblocks in the pursuit of an ongoing solution. UNJURY works because it removes many of these roadblocks and obstacles."

Why don't most diets and weight loss programs work? According to Krachenfels, one reason is the "complexity of many weight loss regimens". "It's just too difficult for most people to adopt radical changes in the number of calories they consume", he says. "For many, the feeling of hunger serves as a constant obstacle in meeting weight loss objectives". Most diets based on will power and complicated systems are no match for this hunger. Combined with the high costs associated with these programs, it becomes increasingly difficult for dieters to maintain their commitment. What's more, those working to reduce calories might unintentionally subtract necessary nutrients from their diet. For these reasons, Krachenfels explains, "diets often fail because they don't provide an easy way of controlling hunger and maintaining overall health".

UNJURY believes its product can serve as an easy and healthy alternative to traditional diet and weight loss programs. It doesn't require radical changes in lifestyles and eating habits through a forced regimen. According to Krachenfels, "A calorie counter doesn't help when it's 11AM or 3PM and you're starving. But with UNJURY as part of breakfast and lunch, people make it to the next mealtime without hitting the snacks. UNJURY delivers satiety through increased protein intake, and the research shows that works. In seconds, UNJURY can be used to make a delicious protein shake or soup, or mixed into coffee, milk or juice. It's easy! Because high quality protein supports strength and energy, it's also a key ingredient to a more active lifestyle. "

UNJURY points out that in an effort to avoid fat and cholesterol, "dieters often avoid foods such as meat, eggs and cheese. Unfortunately, these foods are also good sources of protein. Reducing protein intake can have an effect on both weight loss and overall health." In fact", says Krachenfels, "it appears that when we don't get enough high-quality protein -- your satiety decreases and a sense of feeling hungry can increase. Your body needs protein! The framework of every cell in your body is made with protein. Protein has an important role to play inside cells and in communications between cells. Sufficient protein is essential for a healthy immune system and good energy levels. UNJURY helps the body get the quality protein it needs -- without the fat and cholesterol."

There has been significant clinical research indicating that diets higher in protein create greater satisfaction, less hunger, and weight loss success. What makes UNJURY different is its quality and taste. UNJURY uses only Whey Protein Isolate -- and receives the highest score (100) on the protein quality scoring system recommended by the Institute of Medicine at the National Academy of Sciences. Some protein supplements get scores as low as 24, 6, even 0 -- out of a possible 100. "The quality of the protein impacts taste and the value it adds to your body", says Krachenfels. "The first thing people notice about UNJURY is the taste. Many protein supplements just don't taste good. They can be chalky and gritty. They often coat your mouth and have an aftertaste."

UNJURY comes in five flavors: Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry Sorbet, Chicken Soup and Unflavored. One serving of UNJURY provides 20 grams of protein - as much as 3 eggs - without the fat and cholesterol. UNJURY often costs less than the same amount of high quality protein from beef, pork, chicken or fish. It works out to be a little over $1 per serving. UNJURY can be purchased via its website, http://www.UNJURY.com, or by calling 1-800-517-5111.


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