Voxeo Announces Prophecy 9 with New SIP APIs, Support for MAC OS X and Linux

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New features increase manageability while decreasing deployment costs.

Prophecy 9 takes Voxeo's eight-year focus on SIP-centric telephony and combines it with support for Linux, Mac, and Widows environments

Today at the SpeechTEK 2008 conference, Voxeo Corporation, a leading provider of IVR and VoIP platforms and services, announced the early access release of Prophecy 9, the easy-to-install, highly scalable and openly downloadable platform for speech, SIP VoIP and IVR solutions. Prophecy 9 includes ten major features that significantly reduce the cost and complexity of voice application delivery. Prophecy 9 comes with two free ports, or phone lines, and is available immediately at http://www.voxeo.com/prophecy.

Prophecy uses the power of open standards and agile innovation to make telephony applications easy to create and deploy. Before Prophecy, telephony application platforms were complex "cast iron" servers that pre-dated the open era of Java, web, XML, and agile technologies. In stark contrast, Prophecy is built entirely on open, modern standards and is as easy to install as a piece of consumer software, thereby avoiding complex server requirements and expensive on-site vendor installation.

Prophecy is the only comprehensive, standards-based, openly downloadable telephony platform available today. Enterprise and service provider customers alike have shown their interest in these attributes by downloading and installing over 114,000 ports of Prophecy software since 2006, including over 80,000 ports in the last twelve months alone.

"Voxeo is doing all the right things to reinforce its recent growth trends," said Dan Miller, Sr. Analyst at Opus Research. "Integrating the latest SIP and IMS standards will ease each customer's transition to VoIP while new tools and dashboards add levels of comfort that come with transparency."

Launched in 2000, Prophecy is the foundation of Voxeo's Evolution on-demand, hosted, SaaS IVR and speech platform. In 2006 Voxeo launched Prophecy 7 giving its customers the ability to download and install Prophecy for use on-premise. Prophecy 7 was the first platform to offer an open download, retail-like software simplicity, and integrated speech engines to reduce deployment cost and complexity. Prophecy 9 further improves post-deployment manageability by integrating strong multi-server management, reporting, and analytics to the Prophecy platform. These features significantly reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over time, and are the direct result of input from Voxeo's customers and partners.

Irv Shapiro, CEO of ifbyphone says, "Over the past year Phophecy has supported our deployment of carrier grade IVR technology into the SMB marketplace. As we scale to thousands of ports Phophecy 9 will provide us with the management tools necesary to deliver world-class solutions for businesses of any size. But that is only part of the story. Voxeo's world-class support completes the equation.

Prophecy 9's major new features include:

1. Prophecy Commander - a new operations, administration, maintenance, and provisioning system that lets customers easily deploy and manage telephony applications on a single server, single-site cluster, or multi-site cluster of Prophecy servers.    Prophecy Commander brings the full capabilities of Voxeo's patented, multi-tenant IVR virtualization and distribution technology to any Prophecy deployment. Prophecy Commander is built entirely with modern web technologies including Adobe Flex, AJAX, and dynamic HTML. The resulting Rich Internet Application combines the flexibility of web access with usability and performance that rival desktop applications.

2. Prophecy Dashboard - provides a comprehensive yet concise overview of the performance of any Prophecy server, server group, virtual platform, or application. Prophecy dashboard features highly visual, continuously updated graphs, gauges and tables that provide views into exactly how Prophecy servers and solutions are performing. Like Prophecy Commander, Prophecy Dashboard is delivered as a highly usable Rich Internet Application.

3. Prophecy Log Analyst - collects and indexes Prophecy generated data and call logs in real time, giving IT staff and developers the ability to search, navigate, analyze, measure, and report statistics, transactions, errors, and more as they occur. Prophecy Analyst delivers unparalleled flexibility in business intelligence and analytics. Analytics can be generated in real time, or saved as schedule reports or on-demand alerts that can be sent via email, web, IM, or SMS. Unlike other solutions that are modeled around an inflexible reporting metaphor, Prophecy Analyst delivers a simple, search-focused interface, similar to leading Internet search engines.

4. Prophecy Recognizer - Voxeo's bundled, highly accurate speech recognition engine. Prophecy 9 Recognizer adds support for UK British English to Voxeo's previous support for US American English. The Prophecy Recognizer engine also features improvements in speech detection and noise reduction, significantly improving speech accuracy in noisy and mobile environments.

5. Prophecy Recorder - a secure, two-way call recording platform. Prophecy Recorder enables call centers to record any IVR or agent call without the expense of a separate call recording platform. Recorder offers Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant call recording via its support for public-key encrypted audio files. Prophecy Recorder also delivers a five-fold reduction in audio storage costs thanks to its support for GSM compressed recording to a standard .WAV file.

6. Prophecy SIPcore - a significant upgrade to Voxeo's proven SIP stack and capabilities. Prophecy SIPcore adds support for the latest SIP and IMS standards for Voice over IP, including encrypted-TLS SIP connections, SIP REFER for network call transfers, and SIP-T for SS7 and SIP integration. SIPcore's enhancements further broaden Prophecy's unmatched level of integration with any SIP PBX, call center, platform, provider, or device, including Alcatel-Lucent, Asterisk/Digium, AT&T, Audiocodes, Avaya, Bandwidth.com, Bandtel, Broadworks, Broadvoice, Broadvox, Cisco, FreeSwitch, Global Crossing, Gizmo5, Ingate, Intelepeer, Level3, NEC, Nokia, Nortel, Paraxip/Sangoma, Polycom, Quintum, Radvision, SER, Shoretel, Siemens, Sipura, SipX, Sonus, Verizon, Vonage and others.

7. Prophecy SIPmethod - a converged SIP servlet, HTTP servlet, and Web-service application server, used for rapid development and deployment of Java-API based communication solutions. SIPmethod gives developers the ability to use Java-API's to quickly build any communication solution or web service. SIPmethod is part of Voxeo's recently announced acquisition of Micromethod Technologies.

8. Prophecy SIPoint - a comprehensive solution for SIP user collaboration, connectivity, routing, and messaging. SIPoint is a full-featured SIP registrar, location, redirect, proxy, instant messaging, XCAP and presence server built on the SIPmethod platform. Unlike competing solutions, SIPoint gives customers the ability to deploy SIP solutions without the expense of purchasing, integrating, and deploying additional products and components.

9. Linux support - in addition to Prophecy's previous support for Windows, Prophecy 9 runs on any Intel-based Centos 5 or RedHat Enterprise Linux 5 system, a feature highly desired by enterprises and service providers as they increasingly deploy Linux server solutions.

10. Mac OS X support - Prophecy 9 is the first comprehensive, standards-based telephony application platform to support Mac OS X. This feature is especially valuable to developers who are increasingly migrating to OS X based development notebooks and desktop computers. Prophecy 9 can be downloaded in just minutes, for free, and installed locally on any Mac running OS X Leopard.

"Prophecy 9 takes Voxeo's eight-year focus on SIP-centric telephony and combines it with support for Linux, Mac, and Widows environments," said Jonathan Taylor, President and CEO of Voxeo. "Prophecy now supports both more open VoIP connectivity and platform delivery options than any other vendor. These options give our customers ultimate flexibility to choose the vendors and budgets that best suit their business needs."

Prophecy 9 delivers over 200 smaller improvements and fixes as well as all features found in Prophecy 8, including:

  •     The world's only 100% standards-compliant VoiceXML browser.
  •     The world's most proven and widely used CCXML browser.
  •     Prophecy Designer - the easy, Visio-like, web-based tool for voice application design and development.
  •     Call recording and call conferencing features.
  •     Support for inbound and outbound calling on any port at any time.
  •     Highly accurate answering machine and voicemail detection.
  •     Bundled US-English speech synthesis engine.
  •     Bundled Java and PHP web application servers
  •     Open-source auto-attendant, voicemail, and conferencing applications.

Prophecy 9 also supports integration with any speech recognition or synthesis engines that support a standard MRCP interface, including those from IBM, Loquendo, Nuance, and Telisma; and any web-accessible development platform or database, including ASP, .Net, PHP, Java, JSP, Python, Ruby, Derby, IBM DB2, Oracle SQL, ProgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, MySql, SQLite, or Sybase SQL.

The early access release of Prophecy 9 is available immediately at http://www.voxeo.com/prophecy and is being demonstrated in booth #804 at the SpeechTEK conference in New York City.

About Voxeo:
Voxeo makes voice applications easy to build and deploy. The company's common sense approach isn't rocket science: Offer a great platform. Make it exceptionally easy for people to try, buy and use. Provide amazing support. The approach has made Voxeo a leading choice among developers and the answer for companies who don't subscribe to the mentality that a powerful solution needs to be complicated and expensive. More than 30,000 developers and enterprise customers - including half of the Fortune 100 - use Voxeo's Prophecy Platform and Hosting to deliver innovative IVR, VoIP, outbound notification, unified communications and a new generation of SIP-powered solutions. Anyone can immediately download the Prophecy Platform or sign up to use Voxeo's hosted developer portal for free at http://www.voxeo.com/free.

Voxeo is an employee-owned company with headquarters in Orlando, FL, London, UK and Beijing, China. The company's Prophecy Platform has been downloaded more than 20,000 times since its launch in 2006 and its standards-based IVR hosting platform is the largest in the world and the only one backed by a 100% uptime guarantee. For more information visit http://www.voxeo.com or call +1 (407) 418-1800 or +44 (0) 20 7887 6085 in the UK and Europe.


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