The Amazing Development of Men: Everyman's Journey From Knight to Prince to King Reveals Surprising Truths

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Based on 17 years of research, Alison Armstrong explains the stages of development that all men go through from birth to seniority.

What I love about the 'Amazing Development of Men Expanded 2nd Edition' is that it is an intimate conversation chock full of information and goodies about men and why they do what they do

Author, educator and researcher Alison A. Armstrong's latest audio CD series provides revolutionary laser vision about men's actions and behaviors. This fascinating yet common sense information about men's evolution, based on 17 years of research, is already saving lives, relationships and marriages.

'The Amazing Development of Men: Everyman's Journey from Knight to Prince to King' is a guide to help all women understand why men do what they do from the womb to the tomb. This enlightening four audio CD set offers authentically funny, information-rich content, and priceless insights into men, their actions and their motivations.

"What I love about the 'Amazing Development of Men Expanded 2nd Edition' is that it is an intimate conversation chock full of information and goodies about men and why they do what they do," says Alison Armstrong, creator of the 'Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women®' workshop series. "It is a celebration of who men are and who they are becoming. Women who listen to the CDs are sure to have more Peace after gaining a better understanding of men. And men who listen will experience a greater sense of themselves and their journey as a man in today's world."

According to Armstrong, her 'Stages of Development' describe the life-long process by which a man's sense of Self evolves. Predictable and unavoidable, these stages determine what men live for, and what they can't live without. Understanding the differences between Knights, Princes, Kings, and Elders is critical for success in romantic relationships, raising sons, and working effectively with all men.

This CD Set expands upon the original 'Amazing Development of Men' CD with three times more stimulating, amusing and insightful information. It also features comments by 12 men, adding their experiences to the 'Stages of Development'. In this intimate conversation, listeners will learn about: what men can and cannot provide at each stage in their life, how to avoid the tragic mistakes women make with men, what really happens to a man during a "mid-life crisis," what makes him "ready" for relationship, marriage and children, and more.

A landmark audio CD series for men and women, "The Amazing Development of Men Expanded Second Edition" is sure to encourage understanding between men and women and enhance the relationships of every listener. For more information about 'The Amazing Development of Men' or PAX Programs Incorporated visit or call (800) 418-9924.

Price: $39.00
Length: 3 hours 25 minutes on 4 CDs        
Publication Date: July 2008        
ISBN: 0-9741435-4-5

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About Alison A. Armstrong:
A nationally known educator and expert on understanding men, Alison is the creator of the widely acclaimed Celebrating Men, Satisfying Women® (CMSW) workshop, as well as other extraordinary programs. Thousands of women, single and married, have benefited from her exceptional understanding of men and their behavior since she co-founded PAX Programs Incorporated in 1995. A mother of three, Alison lives in Southern California with her husband and their two daughters.


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