11,000+ Republican Supporters Sign Pledge to Not Vote for McCain at LetterToGOP.com

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Over 11,000 former Ron Paul supporters have signed a letter to the GOP stating the reasons they will not vote for presumptive nominee John McCain. They feel that McCain can not beat Obama in the presidential race, and if McCain is the nominee, they will be voting for somebody other than McCain for president.

As the Republican party calls for "Party Unity", most Ron Paul supporters have vowed to not vote for McCain for president. These Ron Paul supporters, arguably the most active grassroots group this election season, will move their support away from the Republican party to either Bob Barr, Chuck Baldwin, or even Barack Obama, if McCain is the Republican nominee. Ron Paul suspended his campaign in June of 2008, but his supporters remain active, and are supporting Ron Paul's new advocacy group, Campaign For Liberty. In an effort to keep Ron Paul supporters within the Republican party and defeat Barack Obama, Letter to the National GOP urges the GOP to reconsider "Party Unity" under John McCain, and will continue its efforts by reaching out to delegates to the Republican National Convention.

"I feel the Republican Party has ignored true conservative positions in recent years and Senator John McCain is just going to keep us going down a war path with no economic recovery in sight. Like Senator Obama keeps declaring, we need change, but the change we need is toward more freedoms, more economic sound principles, better relations will all countries, and less dependency on government programs. For these reasons I support a GOP nomination of Representative Dr. Ron Paul, and I have pledged that support at http://www.lettertogop.com," said J. Adams of Golden, Colorado.

According to LetterToGOP.com, most Ron Paul supporters feel that John McCain is too liberal and too far from the Republican platform on many issues to deserve their vote. Many of them have already started supporting the Libertarian candidate, Bob Barr, who is now polling as high as 9% in some states. Letter to the National GOP believes that if Ron Paul was the Republican nominee, it would pull most of the Bob Barr supporters back into the Republican party. This shift would be enough to defeat Obama in many states where Obama is leading according to current polls (http://www.zogby.com/50state/).

Ron Paul received over a million votes in the primaries. If it is a tight race, these one million voters could be the deciding factor of this presidential election.

Letter to the National GOP has accomplished its original goal of 10,000 pledges to not vote for McCain for president, and encourages all who are dissatisfied with McCain as the presumptive nominee to sign the letter at http://www.lettertogop.com.

For additional information on Letter to the National GOP, contact Kenneth Griffin or visit http://www.lettertogop.com.


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