Can This 23 Year Old College Graduate Teach You His Secrets In 3 Minutes?

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Jared James is a 23 year old college graduate who is sharing his insights and secrets into college success. Many mental obstacles have stood in his way to achieving his college goals, but he has overcome them. Here he shows other students some of his success secrets.

Students starting college for the first time are nervous and scared. Jared knows this because he was scared and nervous on his first day of college. Heck, he was nervous most of his first semester! However, from that experience, he has gone through a personal transformation and he's here to teach new college students how to become successful in college too.

Jared James is a recent college graduate from Diablo Valley College in Pleasant Hill, CA. Although he feels very comfortable and confident about himself now, just a few years ago, when he started college, he was not the person he is today.

Recalling his first day of college, Jared didn't even want to ask someone for help finding his classes because he didn't want to look stupid and feel embarrassed.

He has gone through years of college and he is here to give new students practical tips that will help them meet new people and feel like a success during their time in college.

Because he knows how important it is to be prepared and feel powerfully confident in order to succeed in college, he's going to give away nine practical tips to help students do just that.

So, let's get started.

Tip 1: Learn the campus. One of the biggest worries that new students have is not knowing where to find their classes. The solution to this problem is to go to the campus a few days before the semester begins, or when it is convenient, and take a walk around campus. Study the surroundings and any landmarks to remember where certain buildings are located.

Tip 2: Make friends with confidence. Many students feel out of place and alone when they are starting out in college. Here's the solution to that problem. Be friendly and confident. When walking on campus and into class, smile. Project friendliness by smiling at other people.

To become confident, simply walk upright. Be sure to walk with shoulders back, head up, and chest out. Don't exaggerate the stance though.

Practice these if needed. It will definitely help in all areas of life. It's much easier to start a conversation with someone when they see a smile that shows friendliness.

Tip 3: Take at lease one class of personal interest each semester. College isn't going to be more interesting than high school if the classes taken aren't any different. One of the great benefits of college is the freedom to choose a custom schedule and also the fact that so many new subjects are now available.

Tip 4: Create a graduation goal. This tip is one of the most important, yet most students don't take advantage of it. A graduation goal gives the vision of the end result; graduation! It's so vital to set a goal and to imagine being a college graduate.

Jared James has included a great way of creating a graduation goal in his book Get Ahead: The Guide to Obtaining Your College Degree that's available at

There's even a visualization gift that comes with it. It's pretty amazing!

And always remember to have fun in college.

The process of college is about learning interesting subjects, meeting new people, and becoming a wiser, more mature person. It's not just about passing classes and getting a degree.

Enjoy the entire experience of college. And when it comes to graduation day, the degree which will have been earned will symbolize so much more than just the culmination of all the classes passed. It will symbolize the personal achievement of the person that took every step to obtain it.

For the rest of the nine practical tips and for much more information about how to succeed in college, go to There is an entire college success package available there to help college students graduate.

About Jared James:
Jared James is a 23 year old college graduate, who has helped other students succeed in college with his Get Ahead College Success Package. With his friend and business partner, Jaycob Rodden, Jared has created a publishing company called Get Ahead Publishing to produce his college guide called Get Ahead: The Guide to Obtaining Your College Degree.

Jared James, Chief Executive Officer
Get Ahead Publishing, LLC
(510) 685-1611


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