Biometric Systems Development Company Announces BIOWRAP™ Data Encryption Software Launch

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Biometric Management Systems, LLC (BMS), a leading data encryption software developer, announces the official launch of its BIOWRAP™ System, the most advanced file security and authentication biometric software solution available today.

Biometric Management Systems, LLC (BMS), a leading data encryption software developer, has announced the official launch of its BIOWRAP™ System, the most advanced file security and authentication biometric software solution available today.

BIOWRAP™ serves to bring back the personal touch to authentication through the use of a proprietary sequence of biometric technology (fingerprints). Users can now create truly secure, authenticated, and accountable electronic files by entering a Username, Password and a Fingerprint.

The recipient of a BIOWRAP™ file will know that only the sender could create the file and that the file has not been altered. Registered Users will also have access to real-time Accountability Reports, a comprehensive tracking and data delivery device, of all individuals that have viewed their BIOWRAP™ files.

Detailed information, including frequently asked questions and answers, about all of the unique features and benefits of using BIOWRAP™ System, including BIOWRAP™ Writer and BIOWRAP™ Reader can be found on the website. The unique BIOWRAP™ System, allowing consumers to secure any electronic file type by associating biometric identities that can be monitored, is unlike other systems that leave the user vulnerable to fraud by relying on identifying users by a username and password only.

"The BIOWRAP™ System only allows Registered Users to operate within the system. This revolutionary biometric authentication standard (the sequence comprised of Username + Password + Fingerprint) is the primary topic of many corporate and industry leaders and is revered as the future of authentication," says Stephen Nation of Biometric Management Systems, LLC (

The BIOWRAP™ Technologies

Sophisticated layers of protection are embedded into every file to ensure the integrity of the file and its associated Accountability Reports created by the system. The Accountability Reports can be customized to track specific information. BIOWRAP™ employs advanced encryption, proprietary key management, information obfuscation and biometric signature generation as part of its protection.

Secure communication between the client applications and the BIOWRAP™ website also help secure information and tracking. Furthermore, BIOWRAP™ is not an industry specific solution and can be applied to any file created for personal or business use. Neither the files nor Accountability Reports generated by BIOWRAP™ can be tampered or altered.

About Utilizing the BIOWRAP™ System

Online registration for the data encryption software can be accessed at the BIOWRAP™ website at An appraisal of the User's identity is needed to begin the registration process. The User must offer a Password and Fingerprint. When the online registration is completed, a BIOWRAP™ Registrar, a trained and certified individual who verifies the User's identity, enrolls the User.

The enrollment process is completed in approximately three minutes. A third-party reviews the credentials of every applicant. Registered Users can begin securing their files by downloading the free BIOWRAP™ Reader application available at

BIOWRAP™ does not store images of enrolled fingerprints. The system, however, calculates a succession of points to associate with a Username and Password. What was once image data, becomes an algorithm that can never be disassociated with the initial fingerprint submitted by the Registered User. BMS announces with confidence, BIOWRAP™ System, the most advanced file security and authentication solution.

About Biometric Management Systems: Biometric Management Systems, LLC (BMS) develops and implements innovative data encryption software solutions that are driven by biometric technology. In every product offered, BMS emphasizes the highest degree of security and accountability. BMS are advocates of the need for security and strongly believe that without proactive accountability measures, offered through biometric technology, security is only a word. The advanced biometric technology that is at the basis of the company's biometric solutions makes possible limitless customized security/accountability system configurations that are both state-of-the-art and affordable. The BMS team is dedicated to the continuous research and development effort required to keep its customers at the forefront of the fight against fraud and identity theft.


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