Discount Tire Provides Top 10 Tire Tips for Labor Day Road Trips

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Useful tips to keep your tires in top shape from Discount Tire, the world's largest independent tire and wheel retailer

Keep the good times rolling by checking tires before hitting the road

Useful tips to keep your tires in top shape from Discount Tire , the world's largest independent tire and wheel retailer:

1. Don't Wait Until It's Too Late -- make it a habit to check your tire pressure at least once per month and before every long trip. Under inflated tires cause excess heat build-up that can damage tires and lead to a failure.

2. Know Your Pressure Point -- the correct tire pressure is found on a sticker on the driver-side doorpost or in the owner's manual, not on the tire sidewall -- that's the maximum pressure for the tire.

3. Keep Your Cool -- to accurately measure your tire pressure, check tires when they are cold. Wait at least three hours after driving.

4. Take Care Of Your Spare -- check your spare tire each month and keep it properly inflated so it's ready to go when you need it most.

5. Penny For Your Thoughts -- a penny can tell you if your tire is bald. Place a penny upside down into a tread groove.
If you can see all of Lincoln's head, it's time for a new tire.

6. Keep Yourself In Line -- be aware of potholes that can damage your tire and also jar your car's alignment.

7. Pick A Date And Rotate -- make sure you rotate your tires every 6,000 miles to promote uniform wear and longer tire life.

8. Don't Take A Spin Without A Cap -- driving without your tire valve cap allows air to slowly leak from the tire and leads to under inflation.

9. Don't Lose Your Balance -- it is important to have your tire balance checked periodically to avoid irregular wear.

10. Be A Weight-Watcher -- overloading your vehicle stresses your tires and can lead to damage.

Source: Discount Tire and America's Tire Company

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