Celebrate Radio Launches Their Exciting New Schedule -- From Billy Graham to Rock 'n' Roll

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'Worship Sunday' -- 18 hours of music, talks and interviews; 'Shabbat Shalom' -- Jewish Contemporary music, plus LA Rabbi; 'Celebrate Kids' -- kids music, plus kids show from Germany; News and music shows, with several other new music sections -- all on Celebrate Radio's brand new programme.

Known previously for their mix of secular and spiritual Indie artists, with regular NEWS and devotional spots, Celebrate Radio (http://www.celebrateradio.com) have just recently launched a brand new schedule with lots of exciting new long-form programs.

Now, in addition to their regular 1-min and 3-min devotional spots from Max Lucado, Anne Graham Lotz, etc., Celebrate Radio have introduced a completely new schedule -- including 'Shabbat Shalom', a 2-hour programme of Jewish Contemporary music on Friday evening/Saturday morning, with talks from LA Rabbi, David Wolpe, of Sinai Temple.

On Saturday there is a 2-hour programme of selected 'Kid's music', including, 'Radijo Jo', a childrens program from Germany, and Don Fass's, 'What's Up with God?' Also on Saturday, is a music and inspiration show from well-known California artist, Bryan Duncan, called, 'Radio Rehab -- Road to Redemption'.

There are several other new music sections, including, 'Rock-Pop-Hits'; 'Morning Europe', (with rock and EuroPop); 'Praise & Worship' and 'Celtic Roots' -- as well as the normal 'Celebrate Music Mix'.

The highlight of the new programming schedule is, of course, 'Worship Sunday' -- a 9-hour programme, (repeated, so 18 hours of inspiration!), with full-length music shows such as Jim O'Meara's, 'Catholic Music Express'; the 'New Christian Music' show, from Paul Davis and Andy Humphries in the UK; and, of course, Don's own music and interview show, 'Reaching Up! Radio'.

Bible teaching and interview programs include: Todd Spitzer @ 'Regeneration' in Oakland, CA; Fr. Stan Fortuna's, 'Digital Audio Deli', from New York City, NY; Raymond McCullough's, 'Fresh Bread', (talks), and 'In tha Name a' Gawd!' ('music, news & interviews'), shows from Northern Ireland; Carl Anderson's, 'Born to Blaze', from Buffalo, MN; and Dr. Jim Meyer, from Bay Farm Community Church, Alameda, CA.

Worship Sunday begins at 6 a.m. CET, (5 a.m. UK/Ireland), with Praise & Worship music in between the scheduled shows, continuing until 3 p.m. CET, when the programme is repeated for the USA, (beginning 6 a.m. PDT, 9 a.m. EDT). The full schedule, for several Time Zones, is available at: http://www.celebrateradio.com/schedule.

Celebrate Radio began in 2004, when veteran radio broadcaster, Don Fass -- of '80s cult show, 'Don & Deanna On Bleecker Street', fame -- met up for lunch with Italian broadcaster, Alfredo Controneo, in San Francisco. In 1988, New York Jewish native, Don, left a lucrative journalistic career -- hobnobbing with the Beatles, Jackson Brown and Steppenwolf in the '70s -- to spend 16 years rescuing teenagers from drugs, etc. on the streets of New York, LA and San Francisco with 'StreetCats Foundation' and 'One Heart for Kids' ministries. The outcome of that meal with Alfredo was the decision to set up a new radio station, Celebrate Radio -- and Don returning to his radio roots.

CEO Don has had a number of volunteers involved over the past few years and, in early 2006, he was joined by Raymond McCullough, a folk/rock singer/songwriter and media producer from Northern Ireland and director of Precious Oil Productions Ltd.

Raymond took over a lot of the technical side of the programming, collecting up existing shows and recording and mixing new ones. "The mix of Celtic and Jewish minds has been a fruitful one -- aided by Window's Messenger and Skype!" says Raymond, who extended a 2007 filming trip to Canada/Minnesota to spend a couple of days in San Francisco, meeting up with Don in person. The pooling of ideas and vision has culminated in the recent launch of the new schedule.

Raymond continues, "It has taken a lot of time, money and effort to get to this stage, but we now have a real 'product' to put out there in the radio marketplace. Celebrate Radio has great potential now and, although at present we are only available on the internet, that will very soon change. Don's original vision -- to broadcast on satellite all over the world -- is still in the pipeline, but we fully intend to make it a reality!"

Don, a firm advocate for Social Justice, who was nominated to Who's Who in America for 1999-2000, adds, "In the meantime we are marketing compilation CDs of our independent artists, syndicating programs to AM/FM stations in USA and around the world, and putting together an aggressive advertising campaign in the US and Europe, to make the church, the Jewish community and the wider public aware of the excellence of our product."

Celebrate music is a deliberate mix of CCM, P&W, Gospel, 'holy Hip-hop', etc. with secular Rock, Pop and Country from independent artists -- what Don refers to as, 'positively music.' The ethos of the station is to reach out to a needy and lost world, "You can't do that if you're just playing CCM all the time." says Don, "They won't be listening!"

Tune in now @ celebrateradio.com!

(Further background on Don Fass: http://www.enn2.com/editor.htm)

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