NYC Construction/Remodeling Firm MyHome LLC Warns Consumers About Granite Radiation Exposure

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NYC construction company, MyHome LLC warns of the radon dangers in certain granite countertops and offers safe and sustainable solutions for homeowners wanting to reduce the health risks associated with this material.

MyHome LLC (, the full service NYC construction and renovation company, announced today its new initiative to educate homeowners about the possible risks associated with granite countertops for NYC kitchens and bathrooms. As part of their campaign, MyHome will also be spreading awareness of safe alternatives that minimize the health concerns associated with granite, such as the possible risk of lung cancer caused by radioactive gases like radon.

"Some granite countertops, particularly those mined from quarries in South America and Africa, emit possibly dangerous levels of radon and radiation," says MyHome President Mayan Metzler. "And given the way granite has skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, there could be thousands of people in the tri-state area being exposed to cancer-causing radiation within their own homes every day. While it is unlikely that all of these granite pieces are emitting dangerous levels of radiation--we feel like homeowners should decide for themselves whether or not to take risks they can easily avoid."

Radiation exposure, is, of course, a fact of daily life: background radiation from outer space, the earth itself, X-rays and certain types of appliances like smoke detectors all contribute to daily exposure. But excess radiation levels can lead to lung cancer. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency suggests you test your home for radon gas using a DIY kit or a reliable contractor; if levels are in excess of 4 picocuries per liter of air, the government organization suggests you take action to reduce your exposure.

Not all varieties of granite are hazardous. The only way to tell whether the stones you've chosen for your home are contaminated is to have them tested--preferably before you purchase and install the slabs. This process can add extra charges to your home improvement costs and delay construction should the slabs prove to be contaminated and need to be replaced.

"Why take the chance when there are many attractive--and safe--alternatives that are also made of sustainable, eco-friendly materials?" asks MyHome CEO Yoel Piotraut. "With all of the other environmental dangers facing the world today, I think most homeowners would feel satisfied minimizing any variables that might affect their overall health."

Further, there are many attractive alternatives for homeowners seeking anything from luxury to budget countertops. Concrete, engineered stone, and solid surfaces, such as Caesarstone offer both safety and durability. In addition, wood or butcher's block (including sustainable bamboo), stainless steel, glass, recycled glass counters such as Ice Stone and Richlite, ceramic tile, and copper can also give homeowners some piece of mind.

"For those homeowners looking to reduce their carbon footprint, green products like IceStone, Richlite, Caesarstone, and bamboo, are also derived from sustainable materials that actually help reduce some of atmospheric toxins created by mass production," says Metzler. "In fact, we created the MyHome Green section of our website ( to help clients find a full range of green products, such as low-VOC paints and others, that further reduce the chances of air contamination."

"It's imperative that homeowners become more aware of the products they take into their homes," adds Piotraut. "While picking a kitchen countertop might not seem like a life and death decision at the time, not knowing where it comes from and how it is made can be problematic--especially since consumers spend years, if not decades--with the products they bring into their lives."

For more information about how you can get your granite countertops tested for rayon or advice about which countertop alternative is right for your home, call MyHome at 800-730-0148 or visit them online at

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