Sanuvox Offers Ultraviolet Lamps to Clean Indoor Air

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Ultraviolet Lamps Clean Air Handling System, Creating a Greener Building and Energy Savings.

Sanuvox Technologies Inc. (Quebec, Canada) is now offering Ultraviolet (UV) CoilCleaners that kill germs and other bacteria in air handling and ventilation systems, thus eliminating the sick building syndrome. The UV CoilCleaners shine on the coil 24/7, destroying bacteria, viruses, mold, chemicals and its associated odors. The company utilizes ultraviolet technology to destroy biological and chemical contaminants - often related to indoor air conditioning systems. The ultraviolet wavelengths destroy these contaminants by changing the molecular structure of the contaminants through DNA sterilization and oxidation.

Sanuvox Technologies' experience and understanding has lead to a line of multi-patented residential & commercial purifiers that cannot be matched in quality and performance. The Lancet Medical Journal published the findings of McGill University scientists in which shining ultraviolet lamps manufactured by Sanuvox Technologies on indoor air conditioning coils, reduced overall sickness by 20 percent, reduced respiratory symptoms by 40 percent and resulted in a 99 percent reduction of microbial and endotoxin concentrations on irradiated surfaces within the ventilation system.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the U.S. National Homeland Security Research Center (NHSRC) reported positive results after testing Sanuvox's UV Bio-Wall Air Purifier. Installed into a ventilation system, the Sanuvox air purifier achieved a more than 99 percent destruction of two dangerous strains of a bacterium and a virus and 93 percent destruction of a certain bacterial spore.

The newly released 2008 ASHRAE Hand Book now has a chapter on UV Lamp Systems which goes on to detail the different applications UV systems can be used in.

These innovative technologies qualify for LEED certification by the U.S. Green Building Council. Such certification demonstrates that the building project meets the highest green building and performance measures.

The indoor air conditioning coil's height, width and thickness is measured. By inputting all of this information into a Sanuvox computer program, they are able to determine the number of UV Coil Clean units that would be required for the system as well as the owner's return on investment. Customers can save up to $10,000 in coil-cleaning costs, and then there are the energy savings.

For more information contact Aaron Engel at Sanuvox Technologies Inc, 146 Barr St., Saint-Laurent, Quebec, Canada, H4T 1Y4; visit, call 1-888-726-8869, or email aengel @

By Michael Maynard


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