PecheBlu Flip Flops Announces New Colors for Athletes to Maintain their Competitive Edge

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Watching the Olympics reminds us how precious time is in a world when 1/100 of a second means the difference between a gold and silver medal.

Watching the Olympics reminded us how precious time is in a world when 1/100 of a second means the difference between a gold and silver medal.

PecheBlu, a flip flop manufacturer, announced today new colors for Spring, chocolate with turquoise and black with electric green while giving a back-to-school warning that if athletes can twist a flip flop, don't buy it: it offers no support. The new colors complement PecheBlu's existing sports line to provide competitors with improved choice.

The company was founded to apply sports shoe technology to flip flops, using the same cushioning, arch support and traction of athletic shoes, with a hard outer shell and soft rubber uppers.

PecheBlu founder Stephen Cohodes advises athletes not to wear slab, flat flip flops at all, which tire their feet. "We wanted athletes to have a better choice in flip flops. When you think of how much it costs in terms of time and money to buy sports equipment, train, pay for lessons, travel to events, school sports programs, and the time commitment of families to support each other, slab flat, flip flops are just a bad investment," he says.

Any competitive disadvantage is costly, he explains. Many competitors don't realize that wearing slab flip flops all day, without considering the long term affect on their feet, can cost them a match. Mr. Cohodes suggests that athletes take as much care when they buy flip flops as they do when they purchase their sports shoes. With Labor Day approaching and back to school around the corner, now is the time to rethink what footwear does to feet. PecheBlu has compiled a list of recent articles where doctors discuss the problems of slab flip flops ( ).

Research continues to show that regular slab, flat flip flops cause foot, knee and back problems when over-worn. Mr. Cohodes wants athletes to consider how flip flops can affect athletic performance.

"There is not much difference in most flip flops," he adds, "which is clear when you go from store to store and see the same ones in different colors and logos. When you buy a pair, make sure that it gives support and provides cushioning and traction."

Unlike FitFlops, who falsely claim that just wearing them will tone legs and butts, PecheBlu doesn't believe that wearing flip flops is an athletic endeavor. "Training is training," says Mr. Cohodes. "People shouldn't work out in flip flops. They wear them for comfort but that doesn't mean they should ignore the long term effects. Due to slab flip flops, doctors now report people in their twenties with the foot problems they used to see in patients who were in their fifties."

Footwear with no arch support often causes knee pain first since an unsupported foot changes everything from the bottom up. A foot and arch that is not properly supported will often cause the foot to over-pronate, which can lead to mal-alignment causing problems in other joints most commonly the knee (Patellofemoral pain syndrome) but also in other joints such as the first toe (Hallux Valgus) as well as anterior hip pain.

To take a step, the foot needs to find a neutral position to gain the rigidity that is necessary for propulsion. Flat footwear like slab flip flops offers no foot support at all, which means the muscles and tendons of the lower leg and foot must supply all support for any movement. This constant excessive load can lead to overuse and inflammatory conditions such as shin splints and contribute to such conditions as plantar fasciitis (inflammation of the sole's connective tissue where it attaches to the heel), inflamed Achilles tendons, all of which have now started appearing in young people, which used to be less common. Slab flip flops also make feet work harder to re-grip the soles with every step, which adds to wear and tear.

PecheBlu was started to use what has been learned in sports shoe technology over the past ten years to create a better flip flop for your foot.

PecheBluTM incorporates the latest athletic shoe technology to produce the only flip flops made as precision sports shoes. PecheBluTM flip flops use an advanced, patent pending hard rubber Z-FLEX lug design to provide stability that moves with the musculature of the foot. Only the "Z" touches the ground. The tough outside shell reduces abrasion and is non-slip and non-marking. Soft antibacterial footbeds with arch supports, heel wells and beautiful grooved anti-slip surfaces cushion and support the foot. Flip flops have a subtle edge wall to protect toes from sliding off. Padded toe straps reduce friction for greater comfort. Elegant leather Nubuck uppers coordinate with the overall sports design. Not all flip flops are created equally: PecheBlu is the antidote to slab flat flip flops.


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