New Loan Professional Network Provides Ample Qualified Leads to Members

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Lend Ethics is a new, premier loan professional network that missions on the honesty and integrity and the ethics of all of the participation loan professionals that are members. They offer something that you will not find at any other network: true SEO and Geo-target, aggressive web campaigns that will attract the consumers you are having so much trouble finding. Rather than spend hours and thousands of dollars trying to drive leads, Lend Ethics allows you to sit back and do what you do best: be a loan professional--while they provide you with the qualified leads you need to sustain your business.

The mortgage industry has been experiencing some of the greatest fallout in history -- reminiscent of the 1970's real estate bust that crippled the industry back then. The same notion is true for today's market, except the fallout is a little bit larger and the sting hurts more. As lenders continue to write off massive amounts of losses, many struggling to stay in business, the trickle down effects is hurting all aspects of this once healthy and booming industry.

Real estate agents are struggling to sell homes, appraisers rarely get a phone call anymore, and loan officers have so much trouble trying to find qualified buyers that many have considered a career change altogether. For the honest and ethical loan officers who are trying to stay afloat in these choppy, stormy waters---and weather it through to the sunshine that remains hidden behind the clouds---many indeed struggle to produce the quality leads they were so accustomed to in the past. Even with all of the current marketing gimmicks available, many loan professionals still find themselves grasping for more business, yet not finding it.

"As a loan professional are you sick and tired of buying the next marketing widget or educational product," poses Lee Collins, CEO and Founder of "To still be left telling the client why you are different and why they need to trust you?"

"Sure, there are plenty of great marketing programs out there," says Collins of the many Internet and affiliate marketing programs currently available. "But with many of them, the individual loan professional is left trying to implement the marketing plan on their own."

"This is where we differ," explains Collins. "At Lend Ethics we are there to support our members by implementing the marketing and creating a unique selling proposition for them! Lend Ethics markets to consumers as to why they need to work with only Lend Ethics approved loan professionals, so you -- the loan professional -- do not have to."

Of the current state of the mortgage lending industry as whole, Collins states, "Consumers just don't trust the mortgage industry anymore. Putting cursive initials after your name or having a cool marketing campaign is not enough to win over their trust in these trying times."

When asked what makes Lend Ethics different from the other loan professional marketing programs currently available, Collins replies, "There are lots of programs out there that give you education; do background checks; and have a code of ethics. This is all great...but Lend Ethics is here not to just make you a better loan professional -- we are here to explain to the consumer why they need to only work with a trusted Lend Ethics approved Loan Professional!"

Of the loan professionals that Lend Ethics seeks and why it is beneficial to them to sign on to this vast network, Collins explains, "We are only looking for the best loan professionals to join our network; professionals who mission on honesty and integrity. It is time to spend money on something that is going to put you in front of the consumer...then all you have to do is just sit back and be a trusted mortgage professional, not a marketing guru."

About Lend Ethics:

  • Has been in business since 2007
  • Was created to bring back honesty and integrity to the mortgage industry by providing the consumer with an easy and free way to find an ethical and trusted loan professional
  • Has built a strong member base and network of approved loan professionals, and always holds them accountable per a Zero-Tolerance Policy
  • Lend Ethics goes through the careful and stringent approval process before a loan professional can be part of their network
  • Offers an easier way for loan professionals to generate qualified and legitimate, web-based leads
  • Educates consumers on why choosing the right loan professional makes all of the difference
  • Conducts and aggressive SEO and GEO-targeted web campaigns weekly to generate the best leads for their network of approved loan professionals---they do the marketing so you do not have to
  • In a mortgage industry where consumers have lost their faith in lenders and loan officers, Lend Ethics works to restore consumer confidence
  • Allows you to become part of a network of verified, legitimate loan officers who mission on ethics, honesty and integrity amidst a market that is rampant with the latter
  • You can visit them on line at: LendEthics


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