Drink Coasters Prove Recession Proof Thanks to Internet Sales

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Despite a grim economic climate in the United States, PebbleArt has increased the domestic sale and distribution of its drink coasters through the use of online channels.

Even in the worst of economies, some companies are able to thrive. This is true for internet upstart and stone design company PebbleArt Inc. Despite rising gas prices, a flagging American economy, and the continual devaluation of the dollar, they have actually seen an increase in sales over the past 6 months. According to them, the internet is to thank.

A design company known for the development of innovative home products made from natural stone, PebbleArt has always relied heavily on the internet as a distribution channel. According to co-founder and lead designer Joey Wit, "It is just a faster way to get new ideas out into the world. The ability to connect with so many people instantly has always been a big part of our overall philosophy."

Apparently this strategy is paying off, as the company has seen record profits in the first half of the year, with direct retail sales up almost 20 percent, and the sale of their ever popular absorbent drink coasters up as much as 50 percent from last year, mostly due to the popularity of the sub domain http://coasters.pebbleZ.com.

The company's online distribution channel consists of a network of websites, spearheaded by their original PebbleZ.com home page. The network itself is made up of a varied portfolio of internet locations including a stone art gallery, several Design magazines, and a variety of boutiques, storefronts, and social communities. A loose confederacy at best, Joey Wit, who has spearheaded the company's online efforts, explained it this way, "We have a lot of creative energy in this company. Covering a lot of virtual territory allows us to match the craziest ideas that the craziest of us have up with the soul of the world in a constant quest for a match. Connecting with people a thousand miles away in an artistic way is really exciting, and that is what fuels a lot of our work."

PebbleArt has been designing natural stone home products since November of 2004. They distribute their products through both wholesale and retail channels, and their line can be found in a variety of gift shops, malls, and kiosks throughout the United States and Canada. They also work heavily with the hospitality industry. Their online properties include PebbleZ.com, Decorative-wall-clocks.com, and the extremely popular sub domain Coasters.pebbleZ.com


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