USA Express Moving Launches New Customer Service Project

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The company that used to be famous for appearing on the evening news is now changing its ways and putting its customers first. There has been a dramatic reduction in complaints in the past 6 months.

We already have a great reputation, simply because of the breadth of our services

As the economy cools and many moving companies are scaling back, one company is moving forward: USA Moving Express has launched a new customer service initiative that promises to increase customer satisfaction, handle customer questions faster, and move the company even further ahead of the competition. USA Express Moving is building on its reputation for local company-style service with national reach -- their plan is not just to be the best moving company, but to be a better kind of moving company.

"It's simple," says the company's President, Yuval Rosenzweig. "When you try to think of all the people who know about the moving business -- the managers, the loaders, the truckers, the dispatchers, the administrators -- you forget who is number one on that list: the customers! At USA Express Moving, we've always valued our customers, but now we're going to put their knowledge to work. We're going build our new business practices at USA Express Moving by looking at what customers like about our service, what they want to change, and how we can make those changes happen. It's a great chance to make a difference in the lives of our customers, and to find out what a moving company can really do."

The company's extensive plans include more efforts to contact customers when there are changes to their plans, to keep thorough track of customer's complaints, and to quickly resolve customer issues. The moving business has often had a strained relationship with customers -- once the furniture is in the hands of the moving company, customers have a hard time negotiating. USA Express Moving plans to turn this into an advantage, by providing stellar service with absolute commitment to quality and reliability. They expect to distinguish themselves among moving companies as a leader in customer response time and customer service.

USA Express Moving already has a great foundation for better customer service. The company has always ensured that their customer-facing employees know the moving business well, even if they aren't the ones loading or driving the trucks. Additionally, unlike other moving companies, USA Express Moving does not allow different firms to drive their trucks or handle their customers' belongings. Because of this, employees at USA Express Moving are already unusually accountable: they know the business too well to make some mistakes, and they know each other too well to let low-quality work slide. The only difference now is that the company is fully committed to serving their customers well, and to using the information gleaned from working closely with customers to enhance the value of their service.

"We already have a great reputation, simply because of the breadth of our services," said Rosenzweig. "We can offer everything from very short-distance moves -- a single room's worth of furnishings across town -- to major moves for large offices. Being able to do all this puts a strain on our resources, of course -- there's a lot of information to keep track of, and it can be hard to match the right expert to the right problem. At USA Express Moving, we've found that the best shortcut is to keep our customers aware of the situation, and ask them how things can be improved. To put it simply, we're going to help them help USA Express Moving become a better company".

USA Express Moving continues to look to the future when many moving companies are retreating to the bad practices of the past. At a time when cutting costs is at the top of the agenda at some national moving companies, and bankruptcy is a serious concern for smaller, more marginal firms, USA Express Moving is perfectly positioned to maintain the breadth of their product offering while providing their customers with a uniquely positive experience. Rosenzweig affirms that "This is a good thing for the company -- we're going to do well serving the unmet demand for quality service in the moving business. But more than that, it's a chance to do good for the world. The moving business can be better than it used to be, and at USA Express Moving, we'd like to make that happen."

About USA Express Moving: USA Express Moving is a fully licensed, insured provider of residential and business moving. The company offers local, interstate, and international moving services for individual and business customers. This family-owned firm provides service, quality, and value with its team of knowledgeable sales personnel, well-trained movers, and committed management. As a family-owned business that does not broker moves, USA Express Moving takes pride in offering the highest level of service at a competitive price.


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