After a Decade on the Internet, Expands Into the Blogging World

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With 30 years of business under their collective belts, Max and Marsha Stabel are no strangers to trying to get their name out there. In fact the only difference between them and other upstart entrepreneurs is that they actually know what they're doing. "My husband has a Master's Degree in meat science," mentions Marsha Stabel. "We wanted do something in his area of expertise, but after we bought the business, we took it in a whole new direction in order to reach a new audience."

Max taught meat science for five years at a small university, so this project ties in with his love of being a teacher

The Stabels purchased an existing business and opened Ranch House Meat Company, a business that sells premium quality meats. When the internet boom began in the mid-to-late 1990's, the couple opened the virtual doors on, the online arm of their business.

Featuring a variety of premium, Mesquite-smoked meats, also has packages of spreads perfect for large gatherings, as well as gift certificates for the hard-to-shop-for types. Already a force on the internet, both the site and the Ranch House employ a large segment of an entire town. "Our favorite thing is that we provide steady employment in the very small town in Texas where we're located and our employees are like our family," explains Stabel.

As the internet shifts to the self-maintaining universe of blogs, the Stabels once again have stayed ahead of the curve by launching "The blog will provide some much needed credible information," says Stabel. Topics such as safe-handling and preparation of meats and meat products will be explored. "Sometimes there's hype and panic about certain things in the meat industry and we want our blog to contain credible, updated information.

"Max taught meat science for five years at a small university, so this project ties in with his love of being a teacher," she adds.

It's easy to see why the Stabels enjoy their business so much. Not only did they grow up knowing meat ("My husband grew up on a farm, I grew up on a ranch," says Stabel), but it permeates so much of their lives - their education, their community and their contributions to the world at large.

Clearly is not a vanity project for someone who buys their meat from the frozen food section of a gas station, but an extension of a couple who have spent a better part of their lives making sure that people have access to the best of the best.


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