A New Line of Power Inverters Bring a Needed Innovation

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TheInverterStore.com's new line of pure sine wave power inverters is light weight and portable, which is something that is hard to find.

What equipment do I need to make my air conditioner work in my boat?

Theinverterstore.com added a new line of power inverters to its catalog in the past several months that it is very excited about. "We've radically compacted the inverter, and they're now much lighter and easier to move around," says a spokesperson for the company. This innovation has not affected the wattage capacity of the power inverters, and the smaller designs are especially useful for people with the larger inverters as the new designs make them much more portable.

If you feel a little puzzled by this innovation, what it does and the significant advantages it provides to you, let me elaborate. A power inverter converts DC power in to AC power out, so that you can use your regular household appliances off different types of DC power sources, whether a car battery, solar panels, wind, water or anything else. With a DC power source, you cannot plug a microwave or air conditioner directly into it. You need a device that extracts power from the source and changes it into a form that the device can use. The power inverter is the "middleman" between the raw power source and your appliance.

You can power anything off an inverter, as long as you have an inverter with a capacity large enough to handle it. Stand-alone power inverters (like those sold by theinverterstore.com) are used by people who need portability for their applications, such as mobile locksmiths, mobile groomers, construction workers, mechanics and engineers, indeed anyone who use power tools on the road or at remote locations.

theinverterstore.com carries a wide range of pure sine and modified sine inverters, from 75 watts output, which work for a cell phone, all the way up to 8000 watts, which power several items at once, such as air conditioners. Higher-end, pure sine wave power inverters, generate cleaner power similar to city power. They are ideal for sensitive electronics and applications, such as those in hospitals and surgeries. That is why this lighter innovation is so exciting. It is difficult to find large, pure sine wave or modified sine wave inverters, let alone lightweight models.

A modified sine wave power inverter is a little more economical in cost. In the world of power inverters, modified sine inverters are more common than pure sine inverters. theinverterstore.com is unique in offering a wide range of both pure sine wave and modified sine wave power inverters at reasonable prices.

If this sounds like more than you can figure out on your own, don't worry; seasoned professional users come to theinverterstore.com for up-to-date advice and information. Just call theinverterstore.com and ask your question, such as "What equipment do I need to make my air conditioner work in my boat?" or "I want to run my hair dryer when I am camping. How can I do that?" Their team can help you to purchase the correct product. "We have more than enough knowledge so that, no matter what query a customer calls in with, we can recommend a product. Even if we don't carry the product required, we tell them what they do need," said the company's spokesperson. "For corporate accounts, we also provide a turnkey solution. We can provide all of the equipment, and then manage any technical support or replacement that is needed."


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