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Denice Kapphan's features a host of easy-to-read instructional guides for how to do things like washing your clothes, shopping on a budget, maintaining your vehicle, amongst other things. Kapphan has also recently started an op-ed blog called

I've met people in their 40's who didn't know how to budget, so my son and I sat down and started to write down these easy-to-read informational sheets.

Most modern adults take simple tasks like washing the dishes or changing their oil for granted. These days, many people have either been raised in situations where they've been coddled, or just haven't been taught to do things for themselves.

"When my 19 year old son moved out, there were people he met who didn't know how to do basic things like washing dishes or laundry," said Denice Kapphan. "I've met people in their 40's who didn't know how to budget, so my son and I sat down and started to write down these easy-to-read informational sheets."

And with a simple sit down with her son, that's how Kapphan's was born.

The website began in October 2007 and Kapphan started out with basic life lessons. She recognizes that some people may think that she's being condescending, but her motives are all pure and true. "It's hard enough to admit you don't know how to do that. When you think about it, it's horrifying," she said. "Things have changed so much; teaching children to survive has become, 'I'll teach them later.'"

There's no denying that the fast paced lifestyle is inherent in the world around us. Kapphan recognizes this with words of encouragement sprinkled throughout several pages of her website. Desert Creations features a host of easy-to-understand guides, all of which are at affordable prices (most are cheaper that the Sunday paper or free).

Piggybacking off of the success of the site, Kapphan has recently launched an op-ed blog of her own, "I'm going to be giving my opinion on the blog, as well as some facts," Kapphan explained. "I want to be able to give people a little push - something to make them feel good. I don't believe in criticizing people for something they don't know how to do."

Recently, Kapphan has added 15 recipes on her site and there are some additional changes in store for itself: "I want to add approximately 10 titles every 2-3 months. Have a basic then an intermediate - where people can continue to learn. I also have a suggestion box and I really want to get feedback from people."

Denice Kapphan understands that not everyone is as lucky in logic as her son and with all the best intentions, she's using her site to promote the notion that it's never too late to learn.

About the Company:
Desert Creations ( was founded by Denice Kapphan in October 2007 as a way to offer affordable life guides. Currently, Kapphan donates to the Salvation Army, as well as school supplies and sports equipment to local groups in need.

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Denice Kapphan
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